Weekly Obsession: Gatsby Style

flapper hat beads

I’ve been feeling overworked for the past few months and am therefore entertaining escapist fantasies, one of which is a lifestyle on West Egg where I have nothing better to do at the crack of noon but ding the neck of a decanter against the rim of a rocks glass and apply another layer of bright red lipstick. (You know, before all the horrible accidents take place.) So if we can’t take an actual vacation to the time between the wars, we can at least take an aesthetic one.

1920s shirt flapper shoes

Of course, there was the drawback of not being able to legally drink…

prohibition blues crystal decanter

… but that never stopped, my grandma so it certainly won’t stop me!

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I just love your blog….so many beautiful things to look at. 🙂 The vintage blouse is so feminine and unique. Thanks for the great work you do here. xo

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