Weekly Obsession: Infirmary Chic


Sometimes you just want the quiet comfort of a bay of sick beds, where you can recover from your outbreak of influenza like it’s 1909. You feel me?

indiana medical history museum

Bright white interiors with sterile glass and metal — all vintage, in different sizes.


Maybe you don’t need 6 beds, but two of them make the perfect guest room. These white iron bed frames scream sterility.

surgeon tools

And don’t forget the artwork and accessories!

red cross buttons

And whatever this is:

dna spinner

(Thanks to the Morbid Anatomy blog’s Flickr photostream for some of these images from the Indiana Medical Hisory Museum!)

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It was fun reading this post. I’m Kinda obsessed with your weekly obsession tbh.

Aisha Dey

Here’s a link to one the beds you are talking about: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bloomgal/3044103458/
Unfortunately, I am not where one could be purchased though. Sorry.


I luv those white iron frame beds! Takes me back many years and I would luv to buy a few.Where from???????

Lesley Bossert

couldn’t have said it better myself madison… creepy and cool. i think the centrifuge would make for a really interesting vase if your turn the vials upside down.


i’m pretty sure that is a vintage centrifuge! it spins around and separates blood and other liquids! it’s so cool in a creepy kind of way.


Haha! This made me smile. 🙂

evie s.
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