Weekly Obsession: Sideshow Graphics


I found these old color photographs of turn-of-the-century sideshows on the Library of Congress’ Flickr photostream.  Makes me wish I could go back in time and gank those beautiful sideshow banners.  If I found those sitting in an attic today I can’t decide if I’d want to keep them — or sell them for a few grand.  I’d probably keep them.

Luckily this type of graphic art still persists — not only does it make an excellent addition to your wall decor, but it’s great inspiration for wedding invitations, event posters, websites, and whatever else you find yourself designing.

boston terror ruth the acrobat

Also — the sideshow font itself is amazing.  If ever a font could scream, “three-legged!” or “spectacle!”, this one does.

victorian sideshow posters

In fact if you love them, check out Magic Jelly‘s go-to list of 12 great circus fonts.


Step right up!

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Those fonts are fantastic!


i love them too brenda! i downloaded almost all of the free circus fonts that magic jelly blogged about. so cool!


Oh I love circus fonts, these are great!!


If you like all things circus, you should check out Aqua-Velvet’s Circus Mod. blog entry. Here it is:

Mary Grace Thomas
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