Weekly Obsession: Terrarium-ania!

I can’t help it. I still think there are gnomes living in these jars. I’m serious — I really do. Every time I see them I get excited — I want to peer in and wait for miniature people to peek out of their houses.

Moss Terrarium No. 131 by madebymavis
Moss Terrarium No. 131 by madebymavis

I also get excited because it’s one of the few DIY home decor projects I think I can actually do. You can follow easy instructional videos, or awesome vintage how-to books — terrariums are pretty easy to make. The fun part is deciding which vintage glass container to house yours in.

apothecary jars amethyst jar teakwood lidsgreen glass

You can also experiment with size. How about a nice terrarium necklace?


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