Weekly Obsession: Vintage Coolers

blue coleman cooler

It was 80 degrees in Chicago yesterday, which means the final end of winter and the beginning of summer. (We have no spring here as it’s always apt to snow in April. Once 40-degree weather ends, 80-degree weather begins.)


And this Memorial Day, what better way to show up in style to a barbeque than with a vintage Coleman cooler? Everyone will be jealous.


But I can hear you squirming now — whatever will you do with the hulking piece of metal come wintertime? Well gather ’round to hear my Martha Stewart solution — it’s real simple.

red coleman cooler


Use it to store your hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, ice scrapers, lock de-icer, dog booties, sidewalk salt and whatever other winter unsightlies create that post-November clutter in your mud room, porch or entryway. Or you can use it for an emergency kit storage in the trunk of your car. Flashlight, rope, kitty litter, first aid kit, blanket, batteries, astronaut ice cream, motor oil — all of it snuggly and out-of-sight in your sleek, retro, genius storage system.


Maybe you should buy two?

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I have my parents old green coleman cooler. it leaks, so i was finally going to get rid of it…but you make it seem so, well, necessary. and we don’t even wear gloves or scarves in AZ

alexandra keller

Wow, that’s amazing – my parents had (still have?) the blue cooler in the first picture… brings back so many childhood memories 😉

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