Weekly Obsession: West German Ceramics

fat lava vases

I recently discovered these mid-century West German vases and I am hooked. The colors are so bright and bold, the designs so modern — I feel like it’s something so rarely see in pottery your grandmother could have owned.

west german vase west german vase pair

The West German ceramics you’ll find today on eBay and Etsy are mainly vases, but occasionally you’ll find something cool, like an uber-modern pitcher or a teapot.

west german pitcher

On my own blog, I talk frequently about how important it is to know the keywords you’re looking for when performing a search for objects you desire. Looking for West German ceramics is no exception. Here are a few keywords to help you find great pieces of West German pottery:

  • Keramik (see eBay results here)
  • Fat Lava (see eBay results here)
  • Jopeko (see eBay results here)
  • 60s German ceramic (see eBay results here)

… and of course to that you can always add keywords like vase, pitcher, teapot, or dish.

Happy collecting!

west german vases and bird

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I’m glad that more and more people are coming round to West German Pottery – you’ve got some really lovely pieces here. We’ve got a lamp in the same shape as your orange Dumler and Breiden with the hole in the middle… amongst many others! Emma x


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what a beautiful ceramics,so cute…i like their colors..i love Italian Ceramics too…i love all kind of ceramics really…

madelyne cobain

Gasp!! These are GORGEOUS!!! I love everything about them. Ohhhhhhhh myyyy.

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