What if All of My Amazing Plans Fall Through?

Guest post by Jessica Newell from Pic*Wish Wednesdays.

This is actually my first guest post ever, so I thought Id start it off right by sharing the story of going from claiming a domain name to today, nearly a month before I “˜reLaunch my site Pic*Wish Wednesdays. Here goes!

Setting out on my creative journey: Where do I start?

In early 2011 (a week into January to be exact), I found myself jobless *again* after quitting a job at a stationary production house after being blamed for the loss of $20,000 due to not doing my job as “˜shipping/design/marketing girl. Dont be alarmed – there was a good reason for this – you see contrary to what my title said, over the course of the 7 weeks I worked there, I actually played a number of roles in this startup: liaison between the office staff and production team, declutterer, personal assistant, manager, inventory control, psychologist, etc etc etc. I just didn’t do much design or marketing… hmmm.

In the midst of trying to prove my value as an employee, I ended up in a situation where I was out sick for two days and was welcomed back with a heaping load of shame and guilt, a perfectly clean desk, and a “˜then you should have stayed until midnight to get all of those orders out (cough ~ the day before you called out sick (in the dangerous “˜hood that is Newburgh, NY)).

I wasnt going to take it this time. I walked out the door immediately and decided to enjoy the holidays with my family. But this is just the back-story. So I started the first week of January off by adding a domain name and investing $50 into a self-employment gig with a crafty direct sales co.

Breakthrough: What do I do when I hit a wall?

Immediately I began all sorts of investigations into the blogosphere. I had attempted this before with little return other than seeing an amazing number of people doing amazing things, that I thought I was not ready for. Quickly into my new set of investigations, I found Papernstitch and grabbed a copy of the Track This! Workbook. Determined as I was to not let someone else throw me off course, I wrote down, in obsessive detail, all of my goals for the next year.

After going back through my goals at the end of each month though, I found that the direct sales gig wasnt working and I wanted to do more with my website. Actually, I wanted to make the pic*wish pixie into a full fledged character. With a background in dance performance, I just threw it all out there, mess and all, just to get it out, hoping that someone would see my genius and give a little affirmation.

It didnt quite happen. At least not the way I expected it to. So I decided that I was going to take a break from posting and do a whole lot more research before putting something else out there that I was truly proud of.

Uncharted Territory: How in the heck did I lose my mojo?

You see the problem wasnt that I was trying to stick to a plan. The problem was that I was trying to revolve my life around the plans of sources around me. Instead of owning my dreams and carving my own pathway in this new frontier, I was trying to do what others said you “must do” in all of their copy-written headlines.

So I had to get back on track and surround myself with what branding editor Abby Kerr calls “˜my right people. For me learning tips and tricks just doesnt work. Digging into your dreams, scheming them out, taking a step (only one at a time) and tweaking things along the way is by far the best way not only to create great art but also to create a great business model, online network, community, society and a better world at large.

Takeaway: Who will I become?

If youve repeated the same pattern over and over again like I did (notice any resemblences from my 7-week job sprint and the circumstances of my breakthrough?) its time to change things up. And thats why were all here, right? To change the world and make things work a little better around the web?

Ive come to the conclusion that before I can change the world at large, I need to start working on changing my nasty little habits that get in the way of me knowing what plans to keep track of and what plans need to be burned away. And it will be great to see my progress by the end of the year and start on a fresh Track This! workbook – 2012 style baby!

Now it’s your turn… Have you lost your way in your work life? What have been your biggest struggles lately?

Leave your response in the comments below.

Jessica Newell is the creator of the pic*wish pixe and her accompanying website “Pic*Wish Wednesdays“. She is getting the site ready for a reLaunch to the stars this coming this September with a refocus on inspriring mommy-preneurs to share their creative juices with their children through both dance and photography. “˜Miss Jessica as she is aptly called by the pic*wish pixie has an extensive background in dance and is a newbie photographer ready to share the wisdom shes gained through self-discipline and the joy she finds in searching for beauty.

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Hi Nathan,

I totally understand what you’re saying. I’ve been there many times before, which actually makes it much more difficult for me to admit defeat when things don’t ‘go according to plan’.

Enjoy the experience of creative flow and keep it going and when (and it will happen) you hit a wall remember those times of exuberance to motivate you to push down the wall into any even greater experience.

You totally make sense – have a blast creating!


Jessica thanks for post.

I’m in sort of the opposite side of the spectrum right now. My creativity seems to have no end. I find myself editing in order to keep my studio on niche and in the direction I need it to be going. Does that make sense?

Nathan Danials

Well said T.K. Thanks for stopping by!


Great posts, Miss Jessica 🙂 Your story is inspiring and your insight is right on. In “The Path of Least Resistance”, Robert Fritz talks about how we glorify the process at the expense of the desire or intention that makes the process relevant. We often approach creativity with the assumption that if we learn enough “how-to’s”, we’ll be able to successfully build our brand, business, or dream. In reality, we have to carve our own way. Creating the right process is as much of a part of the creative process as the result we’re creating. I admire your courageous ability to discern what does and does not work for you. I also respect your willingness to reassess and rework. As you say on your blog. “Life is a movement” so keep the wisdom coming and the good energy flowing.

Cheers 🙂


T.K. Coleman

Hi Diana. First off- I absolutely love Lady Like and what you and your daughter do. What you said here sums things up perfectly “I sometimes lose our vision for the shop and become caught up in the numbers and sales game. I always need to refocus on creating the best product and providing the best service to all our customers.”

Your products and customers are number one and two 9 times out of 10 when it comes to priorities. If you focus on these the sales will come (you just need a good marketing plan to go alongside ’em). It’s easy to get lost in the numbers and it happens to all of us from time to time. You just need to be able to recognize when its happening, so you can get yourself out of that “space” when you need to.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Glad you enjoyed Jessica’s article.



It’s awful to feel unappreciated and abused in the workplace. I’m glad you’re out of that place. My daughter and I are partners in Lady Like, a shop of handcrafted crocheted and knitted headbands. It is always a struggle to get your product seen in the online domain with all the thousands of other hand crafters. I sometimes lose our vision for the shop and become caught up in the numbers and sales game. I always need to refocus on creating the best product and providing the best service to all our customers. Your article was inspiring. Thank you.

Diana Foree
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