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Last week I flew to California for a few days and I took some photographs so I could share my trip. I went sailing and got a little sun – which is always a treat. And I got to wear my new favorite shirt – bonus!

Then I spent some time at my grandparent’s house, which hasn’t changed, decor-wise, since I was a little kid. And I like that about it.

Oh, and I also went to a friend of the family’s farm for a late bite and some wine, which was so nice after a really tough day. It was really beautiful there..

What did you do over the weekend? Anything fun?

Leave your response in the comments below.

For more photos from my recent trip and other travels, visit me on Instagram (my username is brittnimehlhoff).

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Thanks Arkky. Of course. I have a canon 7d and I was using a 50mm lens. Have a great weekend.


great pictures! may I ask what camera is that you using? thanks b4


Hey Melanie! I was in Stockton. Miss you too! Let’s catch up soon.


Nice shots, B! Where were you in California? I miss you! xo


Thanks Camp Pendleton. I don’t really have any tips for the perfect weekend because I don’t believe in ‘perfect’ anything. Just have fun with it! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


Great post Brittni. I love taking pictures too but I just love the way you get these photos. Your weekends were definitely enjoyed,. Do you have some tips on how to have a perfect weekend? Well, I just live with my dogs .. I love photography but there isnt much objects to focus on.

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Thanks McKenna and Van. 🙂


Gorgeous photos as always, Britt. Glad you’re enjoying your much-needed vacation. 🙂


These pictures are stunning, you really captured your weekend splendidly.

McKenna Ryan
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