What Rainbow Brite can teach you about attracting readers

It’s been a while since I brushed up on my Rainbow Brite “history”. So I took to the Wikipedia page and did some research.

A little backstory… Me and RB, as I call her, were pretty tight when I was young. I watched all the episodes, had all the books, the whole deal.

In fact, I even dressed up as her for Halloween one year. Yep, that’s me to the left there. My mom made the costume with her own two hands, right down to the puffy rainbow boots. It was really something.

But anyway, when it came time to write this post (which was suppose to be about copywriting and was never actually going to include the topic of Rainbow Brite), I thought and I thought and I thought some more.

After a series of failed attempts, my mind wandered to past interests (and obsessions) and eventually led back to my favorite childhood character. The one that I had dressed up as years earlier. So I ran with it and asked myself one question…

What Rainbow Brite would do in this situation? Well, she would go and rescue the Color Kids, and then bring color to all the land. Which is why…

Metaphorically speaking, you need to add a little more color to your writing.

In fact, you need to add a lot of color to your writing.

You need to save people from their otherwise boring or average days. Rescue them.

You don’t want to read yet another post about how your copywriting skills could improve by this percentage if you just..blah, blah, blah. No. You clicked on this article because you were curious what the heck Rainbow Brite had to do with attracting readers to your blog and customers to your site.

You want to read something that has entertainment value AND (bonus) teaches you a little somethin’,  somethin’ at the same time.

And you know what? You’re not alone.

Your potential clients, customers, and readers all want that too. And if you can give that to them, they’ll stick around long enough for you to pitch something to them. Eventually.

And that’s how you attract readers (and customers) with your writing. Well, one of the ways at least. And now it’s your turn…

How will you use color to attract your audience? Will it be with your humor, your personable writing skills, silly analogies, what?

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(@MeetJNewell) (@MeetJNewell)

Oh my gosh, i had that exact costume too!!! Got to loves moms and their dedication to sewing something so elaborate for one Halloween! <3


What Rainbow Brite can teach you about attracting readers http://t.co/aRNXE5Iv via @sharethis

KLo (@KLoJones)

Love the Rainbow Brite hook. Great analogy!


Aw, thank you Carole. I am so glad I could be the one to let you know about Rainbow Brite. 🙂 Have a great weekend.


Good post Brittni, you’re so good at writing interesting and attention grabbing words! As I’m scottish I didn’t even know what Rainbow Brite was! Now I do and some more too!
Your emails are always look good to me, and inspiring too. Thanks!

Carole Smith

So glad this post resonated with you all. And thank you for the costume compliments. All the credit goes to my mom on that one. 🙂



how funny. i had skipped this posted because when i read the title i was “what the hell is rainbow brite” and went through. BUT i came again through the newsletter and found it quite interesting, i believe you are right, there is so much stuff out there, people are attracted to funny YET useful, something with sparkle – oh so difficult.
Still I had to google rainbow brite – i guess it’s a USA thing you watch in your childhood, different countries, different favourite cartoons
ps: that costume is AWESOME. mothers are simply amazing.

sara (sushi lover)

My mom sewed me the SAME costume! Love it. Great post. 🙂


Dearest sweet Brittni, this is such an awesome post and i am nodding my head with agreement as i read it. Thanks so much for sharing! I totally love your childhood photo…you look awesome in Rainbow Brite!! Have a lovely merry happy mid-week and love to you!

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