What the Heck is a Fun Bun?

I’ve been wearing my hair up in a bun a lot now that I have my bangs trimmed up again. And I have been calling it my fun bun for some reason. It’s really more a utility thing than fashion, but I’d like to make more of an effort for cuteness if possible. You know, add a little more fun to my bun.

So what do you think of these hair goodies from Fresh Sewn?

Pretty cute, huh?

Oh, and Natalie does wedding bouquets too…LOVE!

Check out Fresh Sewn to see the whole collection.


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Looks adorable – I’m a bunhead myself… it takes so much work to keep it looking nice when its not up, but I get pretty bored quickly – so this is a super-cute idea.

I’ll see if I can swing the fun-bun at a dance class 😉


So cute!!! Love the messy bun look, and the flowers are such a great add on 🙂

Danielle Hardy

nice nice nice! and if i want to wear it in a normal day, i just need to change this lovely flower for something a little bit more rock and roll!
love the flowers though, really really nice!


anna luft

just love those cute little flowers!


I love hair buns!! This is such a cute look with the flowers!

Kimberly bonham

I love this look! So cute!

Kimberly bonham

“hair decor” totally stealing that phrase tiffany.


SO cute! I’ve been growing my hair out and it’s *almost* long enough for a bun! I’ll definitely have to get myself some hair decor!

tiffany moore | magic maker

natalie – your fun bun looks way more fun than mine! agreed though – flowers are perfect.


Love it! so cute for summer. Loving the second picture.

Monika (MB Captured)

I love it! Flowers are perfect for the “fun bun” look–I’m rarely without one these days!

Natalie Teodori
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