Where does Inspiration Come From?

By Brittni • Updated on 07/07/2021

this is paper

Recently, the subject of inspiration has been coming up a lot for me. Several people this week have asked me how I come up with the DIY ideas for this blog (and beyond) and it’s so hard/yet so easy to put my finger on it because the littlest of things will inspire me to create something. Sometimes it’s a raw material, sometimes it’s a color scheme, and sometimes it comes to me in a dream (yep, that really happened – this is the post I dreamed about). I write everything down and take lots of photos (always have your camera phone with you).

The point is… I am inspired by so many things around me (online and off) and I’m sure you are too. We all have our go-to systems in place when we feel stuck. So, I thought, today, it would be nice to have a conversation about inspiration. Where do you find inspiration? How do you take ideas from paper to real life? What kinds of things are you feeling most inspired by lately?

So in the comments below, please feel free to share something that’s inspiring you right now. And once you do that, scroll back up to take a look at a few things that are currently inspiring me…

(above) This pop up store with THISISPAPER and MOMA

ashley rose's house

my friend Ashley’s home (and her cat)

hot air balloons

this hot air balloon


beautiful artwork (found via The Artful Desparado)

disco ball pizza oven

this disco ball pizza oven

photography by rasmus norlander

the photography of Rasmus Norlander

Now it’s your turn…Where do you find your inspiration? What inspires you?

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I have been to the El Camino pilgrimage recently (in Spain), and somehow I became very peaceful since my return (3 weeks ago :-). I am really inspired by that – peace and letting things go.


I agree! Ashley and her cat are pretty much the best thing ever. Isn’t her home amazing! I loved her tour and interview on The Every Girl. Definitely inspiring.


I love this post! I made a very similar inspiration pondering post yesterday so I love how this week is turning into “inspiration week” for me! I just really really love hearing from others (especially creatives) what is inspiring to them. 🙂 So I love this post, Brittni!!

Can I just say…your friend Ashley’s home + Cat are the best things ever?! In regards to what’s inspiring me…boy, the small things like the weather, a certain time of day at dusk when the sun is just right, home exteriors and interiors, still life, nature, animals….oh man, everything around me! Beauty really is never ending and it’s all around us!

Jessica (Coco/Mingo)

Hi Angel. Yes – other people’s stories! That’s another good one.


I agree with Nelli as traveling inspires me so much. People inspire me. I love hearing other people’s stories and seeing where they come from and what they inspire to be. It really gets me in the mood to create. Going through the links you’ve shared right now, especially your friend’s home.

Angel Y.

Travel is a good one Nelli! I always feel so inspired after a trip somewhere (no matter where it is). I think just getting out of your day-to-day environment every once in a while helps a lot. Thanks for stopping by.


Travelling is my number one inspiration. Small or big trips, close to home or other side of the globe.

Also blogs, pinterest, art, fall leaves, photography, music and good stories (in magazines, books, movies, tv-shows etc.) These are few of my favorite things, hmm-hmm-hm-hhm….

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