A Quick Trip to New Mexico + White Sands

White Sands, New Mexico

Last weekend, we drove from El Paso, Texas to Alamogordo, New Mexico and then onto White Sands National Monument to celebrate Ash and Jared’s (Sugar & Cloth) wedding. It was a super short trip, so I didn’t get to do a ton of exploring, BUT I still have a decent amount of photos to show for it, considering.

BTW – this is our official February trip for the 12 trips in 12 months project. Have you ever been to New Mexico?

I was hoping that Jeff and I would have time to visit Santa Fe or Albuquerque after the wedding festivities were over, but we didn’t want to leave Luna and Franz for too long and we’re trying to stretch Jeff’s days off from work as much as we can with all of these trips. So, we headed back early and hope to go back to NM later this year.

When we do go back, I definitely would love to go to White Sands again. It was seriously like another world out there. I think Ash described it as being on the moon. It was just miles and miles and miles of white sand, in the middle of nowhere. And it was the perfect backdrop for their wedding. Whenever they post the photos on Sugar & Cloth, you’ll DEFINITELY want to check it out. 

Aside from White Sands, we didn’t do too much exploring, like I said. So I can’t really share a travel guide from this trip. BUT I do have photos (most of them were shot on my phone, but I have some)! Here are a handful of my favorites…

Brittni Mehlhoff of Paper & Stitch share her trip to New Mexico and White Sands.

A road trip to New Mexico with Paper & Stitch.

White Sands, New Mexico

A quick road trip through New Mexico, on Paper & Stitch.

A quick trip to White Sands, New Mexico.

Have you ever been to New Mexico? Next time I’m there, what should I check out?!

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[…] White Sands, New Mexico: This was a quick trip to celebrate the wedding of our dear friends Ashley and Jared from Sugar and Cloth. They were married in White Sands and Jeff officiated their wedding. If you’ve never been to White Sands, I highly recommend it…I’ve never seen anything like it before or since. Just a completely magical place. […]

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Beautiful shots. We would love to go camping at White Sands. There are just a few campsites, but it’s safe and I hear absolutely amazing during the night. We live in the area and are waiting for my youngest to be a year older before we do.

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