Why do you Create?

I should start by saying… Yep, that’s me in the cheesy picture above. I couldn’t find an image so I took one myself. Feel free to make fun. I deserve it.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s get down to business here. I’ve been working on a new column that involves some reader participation, if you all are interested. I am really excited about it. The thing is, it will only work if you help out. All I am asking is for you to answer one question in the comments. That’s it! It’ll really help me get this new mystery column off to a good start. So, what do you say? Will you answer this quick question for me?

Why do you create?

In other words, what first compelled you to begin making things and why do you continue to do so?

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As a child, I had to create because of budget but now I create because of necessity. I prefer to make my own then to search for a similar item to fulfill its purpose. I personally dont like to carry a too big of a bag for little things and too small to try to fit everything. needless to say, i make bags. It would be less of a headache to just make one to fit all sizes for any occassion.


Annamaria- Funny you should ask that. I’ll be responding to this question as my first post for the new column.


Intersting question But tough!I think I create out of curiosity…I want to see what happens when I do certain things…I create because it gives me so much joy to sit on my desk and paint, imagine and open doors to new places…At the same time, it’s who I am, and who I always was, and who I always will be…can’t help it…!
And what about you dear Brittni? You have abundant creative cells, so how about you?x

annamaria potamiti

It’s innate, I have ALWAYS, ALWAYS been a creator. It would take longer to embrace my artistic side, but I love it now. I actually wrote a blog post about my creative beginning here:



i create because it makes other people happy. majority of what i make, i give away and i love seeing the joy on someone’s face when they receive something that i made especially for them. and added bonus, crafting makes me happy too 🙂


Quite simply, I create because I don’t know any other way to be. It’s in my bones. Creating for me is like breathing.

Rach W.

i started making jewelry again because i didn’t want to buy something i thought i could make myself. but i have found over the last 40+ years that i’ve been happiest when i’m creating/making things. i used to scrapbook, i’ve made a quilt, i have refinished furniture, made slipcovers, painted,taken loads of photographs, decorated i don’t even know how many apartments…..and now i get to make things with my son. it’s fun!

alexandra keller

This is a difficult question! There are a lot of reasons I create — to pass time, to relax, to save money, to channel some of my thoughts/emotions of out my head in a healthy way.
I suppose I first started creating when I was 14; that is when I made my first zine. I found the entire process of zineing — writing, typing, cutting, pasting, mailing, etc. — to be very exciting, and the side effects, like making friends in other states and discovering some other really wonderful zines, only motivated me to create more.
But I guess, to answer yr question, I should just say: I create because I love to create. That’s all there is to it.


I create because….I have to…how could I not? I’d say it’s a calling and also because the universe needs us to make those creative works that only we, as individuals, can create! Frustrating sometimes, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s a good question to ask ourselves once in a while…thanks!

Patti Roberts-Pizzuto

It’s compulsive. It’s being confronted with lovely stuff and not being able to walk on by without stopping, touching it, and thinking about what would be nice made with it. It’s finding a way to give unwanted lovelies in the thrift shops a new lease on life.


My answer is simple: just because.

I began with sewing bags, pillows and little wallets for myself at elementary school. I started it, because it looked good, and I felt I can do it. So I did it :-).

I think this is the root of my creative life.


Because I want to make the world more beautiful, everyday, in so many ways.

I want to paint the world in all colours of the rainbow.


Gosh. I am really kind of overwhelmed with all the truly AMAZING answer to this question. I know I keep saying this, but thank you so much to everyone who has responded here. I am looking forward to reading more (haven’t fully caught up on the last five or so comments). Although, I should probably take a break for a little bit so I can finish up my work for the day. That’s always a good idea, right? 🙂


This is a great question and one which I want to answer thoughtfully, so this might be a wee bit long…

Like many other creative types, from a very early age I was considered a creative and imaginative person. What began as imaginative play continued to evolve and develop until my artistic spirit and creative thought process became a huge part of my identity. Although my level of creativity has grown over the years, I think many of the reasons for why I create remain the same. When I was younger creativity was an outlet for my imagination, it kept me busy, helped me develop wonderful friendships, and gave me a great sense of enjoyment. As an adult, those motives still remain valid. In addition, they now include a way to enhance the lives of others through my job as an art teacher and artist and as a way to create a pleasing home environment for my family and our friends. In college creativity helped pay the bills as I worked with children in after-school programs and as a camp counselor during summers breaks. Often using different forms of creativity to encourage children, and to help them express their feelings. Eventually my passion for art lead to a job teaching in the school system. I now teach children and adults out of my home studio. It gives me a huge amount of satisfaction to be able to provide them with an artistic outlet and to enhance their visual knowledge. Finally, my husband and I remodeled our home filling it with art, light and cheerful color. It is now a warm and welcoming environment for our family, and friends and with large empty walls gave me another reason to paint.
I truly think that if I didn’t create I would loose a huge aspect of who I am, what helps makes me happy, keeps me fulfilled, and gives me a sense of purpose.

Thanks for making me think about and validate my reasons for creating.


I guess for me, creating is the only way to organize what’s inside my head into something other people can understand. It’s like, my boyfriend is a writer, and we feel the same way about what we do, they’re just different paths to take (I, for one, find writing incredibly frustrating, so I’ve always really admired good writers).

When I was very young (like 2-3), my parents noticed that when I played in the backyard I would use these pebbles to draw on the bricks of our house. Then they noticed that the drawings were actually kind of good. I would draw a woman, and she’d have a bow in her hair, or fingernails, or maybe some shoes with lots of buttons. I’ve always loved making things look complete.

In elementary school, it was a way to define who I was. I actually had a little “shop” that I used to compete with a classmate’s “shop” (he sold pencil grips, I sold small things I made, like string necklaces or crayons with designs carved on them). We all knew that Corey was the best runner, Hannah was the best reader, and Aly made things.

I identify with what Bethany said up there. “I create because I have to” really sums it up for me, too. I don’t feel like I’m complete if I’m not making something.

(Also, that’s so weird that so many of you had artistic grandmothers; my grandmother is an artist as well and we used to spend a lot of time painting watercolors together when I was young.)


I create because I want to be re-created. Through taking on the role of creator, crafter, designer and dreamer I find that I’m the one that gains significantly from the whole process. Even more than the gifts I make. Even more than the people I give them to. I’m the one that gets to be made new.


I’ve always been a little too curious + hyperactive for my own good, always testing the limits of those around me with all the drawing on the walls thing + singing in the shower + playing with my mom’s make up + my do it yourself outfits + baking cupcakes + all the other crazy things I love to do + make. I really think the need for creating comes from the spirit. It’s part of our system + our core essence. It sounds a little cheesy + crazy, I know, like if I as some sort of spiritual guru hehehe, but I truly believe it’s true. Creative people are born, not made.

So what was the question again? hahaha right? Why do I create? Well, to put it simply: I create because I don’t know how not to.

By the way, I love this blog Brittni. You always engage your readers in such creative ways 🙂

Mayi Carles @ Heartmade

That’s a pretty fundamental question for me. My “word”, the word that defines me, is “Create”! So this is not the first time I’ve thought about this lol This question has many answers, too.

I create …

1) because I NEED to. It literally is an inner need.
2) because it makes me happy! It’s fun! It’s satisfying!
3) because it gives me an idea of the process and involves me. Every creation, good or bad, then carries part of me.(This is not just for arts or crafts creations)
4) because it challenges me!
5) because in creating something ultimate knowledge and complete oblivion are somehow unified. When you create something, you need to follow the rules as the same time as you have to completely let go of the rules and concepts 🙂

Birgit Kerr

This is a great question!

Marisa O.

Wow! Thank you so much DK for such an amazing and heartfelt response to my question. I especially love this, “I totally want to be my great-grandmother when I grow up.” How sweet.

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