Why I Contemplated Spending $5 on a Bottle of Water


A couple of days ago, I was wondering the aisles of the grocery store and something caught my eye. A bottle of Evian water. As you can see, this is not a regular bottle of water: it is Christian Lacroix Evian water. While I will admit that this is one of the strangest things I have ever heard of, a fashion designer teaming up with Evian, it is pretty darn cool. I love lace and although you cannot see it very well in this picture, the bottle is covered in a white lace pattern. If it wasn’t $5, I would have bought a couple!

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I love Christian Lacroix! This whole concept is so French. I agree with Jade, this would be a great gift alternative to a bottle of wine. It would make a very elegant addition to any dinner party table. And then when the bottle is empty, you could use it as a vase. So while it makes an expensive beverage, it makes an inexpensive vase.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to pay a visit to my local Target store…


so funny! i did the same thing yesterday in the store… i came very close to getting one justifying that it would make a nice vase… but i stopped myself and decided to walk away from the pretty bottles… : )


I saw those at Target yesterday. I, too, almost bought a bottle, but the price tag made me put it back. But it would be a great alternative host give instead of wine if they aren’t drinkers. Super cute!

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