Why We Create: Kathryn from Blackbird Letterpress

By Brittni • Updated on 12/07/2010

Remember that post I wrote months ago about a new column I was working on called why we create? Well, guess what? After 55 replies to that post and two months time (to the day), its finally ready! This is the very first post for the Why We Create column and its a video and mini interview with letterpress designer Kathryn of Blackbird Letterpress.

The purpose of this new column is share inspiration with fellow makers and artists. It will be comprised of videos, podcasts, and post interviews. So, let’s get right down to it. Watch the video amazing video above that shows Kathryn’s process in her studio. Then read Kathyrn’s mini interview with me below…

Why do you create?

Kathryn: I am one of those people that has always created. In fact, early on I learned I could hardly watch TV unless I had something in my lap to stitch, draw, or cut (irritating my mom and then husband to no end- especially when little pieces of string or paper are everywhere). My Mom says I would disappear when I was little and when she’d look for me I’d be found at my table with a pencil in hand. But I don’t think this makes me special, I just can’t help it. It gets me through the day and especially during rough times.

What drew you to letterpress initially, and what continues to keep you interested in it?

Kathryn: I went to graduate school for printmaking and there was a letterpress in the shop. So I learned there & taught a few classes in it, and was hooked. What keeps me interested is the long history, the technical aspects, and the fact that my hand is involved in each piece. And I really love repetition; to see hundreds of small prints is very satisfying.

Thanks so much Kathryn for taking us into your world a little bit. Please visit Kathryn’s letterpress shop to see how she turns her inspirations into amazing paper goods. *And if you like this video and interview, please share the love by clicking the retweet and facebook buttons below.

Video: Blackbird Letterpress from pudd sharp on Vimeo.

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It really is, isn’t it Natalee? Letterpress has always been so interesting to me. Maybe because I love printmaking so much.


The history of letterpress is so fascinating! Love this mini interview and I’m so excited for the new column!

Natalee Lopez

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