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I am excited to say that the Why We Create column is back again this week with another inspiring video and mini-interview. This one comes to us from Charlotte Mills of Plum Pretty Sugar, who you may already know from her cozy-chic line of apparel and intimates (amongst other things). Lucky for pns, we are getting a behind the scenes look at Plum Pretty Sugar with the video above (its a little less than five minutes, so not too long and not too short).

I also asked Charlotte a few questions. Here is what she had to say…

Why do you create? I think creating for me is something that really comes from an instinct, an intuition of sorts. It is about business, about opportunity, a niche”¦ finding it, developing it, creating it and following it through. Evolving and the idea of continually creating. That to create is not just a one time thing, but an ongoing process”¦ whether it is a business like Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie, in ourselves or in our relationships.

I also love  so very much ideating”¦ brainstorming. Cultivating a simple concept, anything at all and growing its branches, its roots and seeing what flourishes. And not just an idea related to Plum Pretty Sugar”¦ it could be anything. It is so amazing to me that an idea borne from a simple sentence, a photo or a sweet word in passing can be grown and adapted. The ultimate creation!

What is your fondest memory thus far with Plum Pretty Sugar? Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie came initially from a really difficult place. A place of change, of heartbreak”¦ a journey in emotion, of heartfullness. And while life moves sweetly and happily forward, I am still very connected to that place, that touch point within myself. And so, I think two firsts are the most fond”¦ the first piece of press and the first year.

The first piece of press for Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie was via an online shop blog. Seeing my little brand.. my heart and soul”¦ on the screen in someone elses online environment was truly remarkable. While I sat alone staring into the depths of my computer it brought tears to my eyes. It meant that I wasnt alone”¦ that someone recognized it, saw it, and liked it. Truly a moment I will never forget.

Marking the first year of Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie is also a sweet, sweet moment. For some of the same reasons, but more so because the year was not just a success in terms of sales but because it meant people liked it. And for a whole year. I suppose at the time coming from a place of emotional hurt, it meant so much that for 365 days, people liked it, liked what I had created and therefore liked me. Does that make sense? Emotional and esoteric I know, but coming from where I had been, it was really prominent moment and a turning point of sorts.

What keeps you inspired to create new collections each year? I think inspiration can come from so many things. For me, it is about color, about flowers, about photography, a good book, a loved one. A dream that somehow passes through my minds eye. From there it is about developing that inspiration into a print and a silhouette. I have learned not all prints work in every silhouette”¦ and creating a “collection” of individual prints that represent the same tone and manner is not always easy. Whew! I have a very specific idea of what Plum Pretty Sugar stands for and turning that into a living breathing item every season can be challenge. And so, I dont introduce something every season as much as Id like to. Instead, I introduce when I think I have all the elements right”¦ although Im so not always right!

Thank you Charlotte for sharing your behind the scenes video with us. And of course, for answering my questions. Please visit Plum Pretty Sugar to see the entire collection of loungewear (or loungerie as Charlotte calls it), apparel, home items, and other accoutrements. And follow Charlotte @plumprettysugar on twitter for updates.

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