Winner’s Choice Photography Giveaway


Giveaway! This week is certainly off to a good start with a winner’s choice giveaway from photographer, Tricia McKellar of EyefulTricia has generously decided to allow the winner of this giveaway to select any 8×10 print from her shop as a prize, and with dozens of prints to choose from, it is going to be a difficult decision. Retail value $30. Here are a few of the images you will find in Tricia’s shop…


How do you enter the giveaway?

There are several ways to play and you may enter up to three times. First, visit Tricia’s shop, Eyeful, and browse around for your favorite 8×10 photograph, then come back here and tell us which one you would most like to win. Second way to play, answer this question in the comments: What is your favorite subject to photograph and why? Third, twitter or blog about this giveaway or Tricia’s shop or website and leave a link in the comments here.

The giveaway will end on November 9th  at 11:59 pm eastern time.

“¦Visit Tricia McKellar’s shop, Eyeful“¦ and her website

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these photos are really beutiful, i love the natural earthy tones:)
its really hard to decide on one particular photo but ive always loved birds and leafless trees so i think my favorites are up, wanderlust and in the moment actually perhaps pastoral with tree..they are all so beutiful!! :0
personally i like to take photos of things that have been left – old sofas, rubbish, washing mahines, also street photos, road photos, green landscapes, rust, sinks..ahh! in fact anything but shots of people – mainly because im rubbish at that!!
lalaaa – and of course dead birds:) (im a vegetarian, but theres something beutiful about them- maybe im just weird..)
thankyou for readingg:)):D
have a lovely dayxx


here’s a link to my twitter… great offer… thanks Tricia


Lovely giveaway I would like to win the in the moment 8 by 10 print it’s gorgeous I love the colors.Thanks for the great giveaway.Helen


my favorite has to be the sense of humor and simplicity of 321. Like an old movie count down, but with a hint of adventure/travel by train. Thanks for the offer!


All of the photos are gorgeous, but I must say I am absolutely, 100% in love with Pastoral, Modern Landscape.

Nicole M.

In answer to the question, my favorite photography subjects would have to be flowers and anything having to do with nature.

Nicole M.

I love to photograph my nephews and nieces at their level. My sibs (their parents) have a lot of pictures of the kiddos from an adult’s perspective. There’s an amazing amount of insight and a completely different narrative when you just get low.

I’m loving Tricia McKellar’s Wanderlust and Many and One prints—they’re all so good. Here’s my link and my tweet


My favorite is ‘In the Moment.’ The are so soft and soothing. Pure elegance!


Oh goodness, I absolutely love her! I’ve had her work in my etsy favorites list for months. My absolute favorite is Many and One, here:


I like taking pictures of people doing things to capture the spirit of the moment and create a memory.


I blog!


I love the wanderlust photo…so beautiful!


beautiful shop
i love this one


I love pictures of flowers or vintage things
I like the colors and sepia photos


My favourite has to be the Wanderlust one! Gorgeous. =)


I love “Afternoon Sunlight,” “Dream,” and “Orchid.” I’m crossing my fingers for this!


So hard to choose!!
Love this one

My favorite thing to photograph is my silly pooch!

Kylie Parry

Favourite thing to photograph? Birch trees!


my favorite is this one: called escape. i love it because of the soft faded blue of the sky and how the birds are flying against the wires.


Oh wow, what beautiful photographs. I love “Wanderlust”. Gorgeous!


In the moment is my favorate , but really all of them rock the world . They are very thoughtful pieces of work .


In the Moment, 8×10 Fine Art Photograph by Tricia McKellar. Metallic Print. is my favourite!!!

cal_rubies at yahoo dot es


I love to photograph trees and birds!!!

cal_rubies at yahoo dot es


“Slowly” is very much my favorite print on Tricia’s site. Her work is so beautiful! This print would look lovely in our house, you know, in that space in the kitchen?


oh so many beautiful pictures! tricia is very talented.
my favourite would be “many and one”

mostly becaus i love birds standing on wires. i envy them actually!
great job you do here brittni, sharing all these talented people!

sushi lover

Love love Tricia’s work –

Definitely would like “many and one” – it’s been on my list to buy for months and months.

Lisa Call

Simple things may influence me to compose a photograph, a wire that is misplaced along a deteriorated wall, a misshapen piece of metal in an unintended environment. Contrast in texture or color and other design qualities that happen by chance and everyday moments.


The image that I continue to revisit is, “After the Rain”, by Tricia McKellar. The simple subject emphasizing the balance of positive and negative space, and the birds scattered along the wire… simple moment- wonderful moment.


I really love the pics, they’re great. So hard to choose just one. I think it has to be pastoral, modern landscape. I also love Afternoon Sunlight and Industrial Decay.


I think my favorite thing to take pictures of is Green Bluff. It’s a great loop of about 50 farms in eastern WA and they have apple orchards, pumpkin patches, flowers, and more. I love going throughout the year and capturing whatever happens to be in season.


It’s really too hard to decide on a favourite – these are all rather exquisite – but I think I like the landscapes best. I think it’s really hard to capture a good landscape image in a photograph. I like photographing broken things.


lovely has to be my fave


and my favorite thing to catch on camera is goofing off with random objects at goodwill


such pretty photos! I love the Afternoon Sunlight and Lens Flare through the Trees, so nice!

Michele P.


Michele P.

my favorite subject to photograph is my kids or my cats, because of their unique personalities, facial expressions and the fact that the photos will make memories later on down the road.

Michele P.

My favorite is the Pastoral with tree.


All of the photos are beautiful. My favorite is pasture with trees.

Mia J.

I really like “Pause, 8×10 Fine Art Photograph by Tricia McKellar (Birds in Flight)” thanks for the chance to win.
[email protected]

Darcy B

I love ‘Many and One’, lovely quality and feel to the photo. Would look lovely in my bathroom next to the blue Rob Ryan print that I am treating myself to for Christmas.

Sophie Callaghan

Thanks for the great giveaway! Such a nice idea. my favourite photo subjects have to be sky and Autumn. Love colour.

Sophie Callaghan

The Sea Urchins are absolutely beautiful! Great photos!


love, love, LOVE fill my eye (peony)
beautiful work!


All of your photographs are gorgeous but “Pause” really makes my heart smile. Beautiful work!!!!!


WOW this is so very nice of you. I love the birds. Born and raised in San Francisco a row of black birds hits the spot!! Many and One.. reminds me of Bodega Bay. Also the movie trailer for Monsters. All the little birds on one wire than the BIG bird comes to sit. Very funny..
Again Thank you for offering this.
Will ad you to my etsy


I love the Industrial Decay, Bain print. Love the colours – the purple and the turquoise.


great giveaway! How I love this shop and Ive been on a huge art kick lately. ok, hard choice…
my favorite 8×10 is In The Moment (but I also really love the Peony too!)

Next – my favorite subject to photograph is animals, specifically goats, you can catch them is the funniest poses sometimes and I often find that when looking back at a photo is when you fully realize the expression an animal can show if their face. I also love trying to capture the movement of water, because its challenging, and beautiful when done right.

Third – off to twitter!

thanks for the opportunity!
nicole @lillyella


My favorite thing to photograph is my 3 year old son. You never know what you’ll get if you just keep snapping away!


My favorite subject to photograph are trees and flowers. They amaze me!
I fell in love with “Afternoon Sunlight”… it’s just so full of hope. Adorable!
Great giveaway!


I love all of the prints, how couldn’t you, they are so beautiful. My favorite(s), sorry I couldn’t pick just one, are: Pastoral with tree and In the Moment. The beautiful simplicity and the everyday moments that you don’t always appreciate really come through in these photographs. And my family is moving to a new State and to have these prints in our new place would be totally awesome!


I would love to win ‘In the Moment’! Thanks for your work!!


My favorite subject to photograph is nature. The simplistic beauty of the world that is seen by the naked eye can be very difficult to capture effectively. When done properly (as is by Tricia McKellar), the results are breathtaking!


I love the Glimpse photo. Its gorgeous and serene.

Kiley Smith

My favorite subject to photograph is my three year old daughter.

Kiley Smith

favorite: orchid. hands down; showing the love, beauty, strength, and delicate nature of every woman. your work is fabulous!

Dawn J.

favorite subject: eyes. they are the windows to the soul, you know.

Dawn J.

i love the “geese with lens flare” photo – just gorgeous.

kristen k.

my personal favorite subject to photograph is probably ocean and seascapes; something about not being able to predict exactly what the tide will look like when the shutter snaps.

kristen k.

I love “Many and One” Thank you for information on another Etsy shop to favorite for my shopping needs!

Alexandrea M

My favorite subject to photograph is architecture, and architectural details. I got to go to Europe earlier this year and really got my fix too!

Alexandrea Morton

Afternoon Sunlight and Lens Flare through the Trees, 8×10 Fine Art Photograph by Tricia McKellar

I really love the light filtering through the trees in this one.
Here is the link to my twitter where i just posted this
and my favorite subject to photograph would have to be buildings.I love the clean lines you can get in picture of a building, and with the different angles you can make it look like something else entirely.


Hi, I love Tricia McKellar’s works. They are all so beautiful. But I really really, really had to choose one, it would be ‘pause’.

Vasundhara Prakash

Absolutley beautiful! It was hard to choose…but I am going with Many and One. It reminds me how beautiful it is to be one of a kind, on your own path, not one of the masses. But still a part of a whole.

Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

olive & hope

Absolutely beautiful! It was hard to choose, but I am going with Many and One. It reminds me how beautiful it is to be one of a kind, not part of the masses, on your own path. But still a part of the whole.

olive & hope
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