Escape into the Scene

Sometimes you just need to get away. When the everyday begins to get you down, you start to look for a little vacation. Art has the ability to transport you to far off lands or into your dreams. Jessica Stewert, the artist behind Mizaru, takes you on an adventurous stroll with street art photos and original illustrations of dreamers waiting to break free, like this print. The view from where you are just got a whole lot nicer.

Check out Mizaru on etsy and step into a new scene.

Post written by Rachel Anne Williams. About Rachel: She is a 20-something wife and mother of one, who enjoys making things for her embroidery and tiny handmade goodies shop called Goose and Trisser, when she is not spending time with her mini bundle of joy. You can also visit Rachel on her blog here.

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I think I may have seen Jessica’s work once before. Or maybe it was just something similar. Either way, these prints are stellar. Thanks for sharing this artist with me Brittany.


No problem Meghan! Sometimes I dream that I can make amazing things with my hair like these ladies. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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