Workspace Wednesday

By Brittni • Updated on 10/05/2010

I (really) wish I lived here. What an amazing place to work! Definitely a dream space. Lots of light, great windows, and a walk out balcony.

I mean really, I don’t think  I would  ever leave this room. Okay, maybe I’d leave every once in a while to get food or something, but then I’d come right back.

What does your dream workspace look like?

image via Design Public

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My dream workspace will be a huge table at the center of the room, dress forms, side of the walls will be cube shelves…adjusted to what i have, lots of light, no carpet, cannot be completely white, permanent space for sewing/serger machines, enough space that I could leave my work in progress…My ideas keep on changing.


Clean and organized. I like it Mai. Simple dream space. Very attainable.


My dream workspace would be…

clean and organized.
with lots of windows.

If I could at least have that, I’d be thrilled!!


It really is a lovely space Frau. Thanks so much for sharing it with me!


Great guess, Brittni, how did you know? 🙂 Yeah, it’s a dreamy white workspace that belongs to me and probably deserves a better quality picture…

Frau Mayer

I love a long workbench Cari-Jane. And a view of the ocean wouldn’t hurt either. Sounds like we are on the same page as Deanna (wanting a gorgeous view).


I often sit and think about my dream studio.. it’s large, with lots of work space. It has a gorgeous view, is perfectly lit and it has a sink!


A realllllly long workbench, bit of double height space, view of the sea…that’s not too much to ask is it?

cari-jane hakes

Thank Nookie and Rebekka (and everyone who commented here today) for your thoughts. Always enjoy reading your comments. I am heading to bed.


Oooooh….it might actually look like that!!!!


Beautiful! What a light and airy room!

Nookie Doodle

Sounds like a great space Lori. Its making me think of another attic space that I love:


I kind of had my dream workspace when we lived in VA. It was the “attic” portion of an A-frame. It was ginormous and rustic. Loved it. Just needed a little more heat in the winter and air in the summer. 🙂


Oh Frau, is that your workspace you linked to (I am guessing)? Its lovely. Great white space.


Well, obviously, like this
Thanks for the constant inspiration! I REALLY need a white cowhide and this picture doesn’t make the situation better…

Frau Mayer

Hi Keri. Thanks for passing along the link. Cool blog! The first of the two workspaces is one of my favs as well (have it bookmarked on Pinterest). Seems we have similar tastes!


Love that space! Also love Gennine’s Art Blog studio. Posted pictures of two of my other favorites on my blog POE ( Takes a lot of work to create the perfect space, but it would be so worth it!


A converted barn? That sounds amazing Heather! My dream space has some of the same characteristics: lots of light, huge windows, great outdoor space. But I tend to go in the opposite direction in terms of style: super modern. A barn still sounds really cool though.


Wow!! The light and the nature hit the spot!!! My dream studio has always been a converted barn with lots of light. Sky lights and big windows and a nice place outside to sit and take in the nature….My dream house is about the same!!

heather mcgibbon

me too linda. me too.


okay, wow. am totally jealous of all that natural light. so beautiful!

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