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this is incredible brittni!!! i have started working from home on mondays and this is so good… i think my space is a ver comfortable one here at home, but this? 🙂 no words to describe it! have a great week! twiggs


the tree fort rocks, the skylight does too.. but that wood nook! i died!

Bethany Susan

Love skylight windows. Last year we almost bought a house with lots of skylight windows but the only thing that was stopping us is the driveway.


so lovely!i love how the skylight has a window sill, and that they utilize that space.


Oh my gosh, that tree fort is amazing, isn’t it Somer? I was thinking the very same thing when I first saw it.


Ok I love the work space and house, but um, hello awesome tree fort!


What a wonderfull atelier I would have there… My fabrics, sewing machine, straw bags under the table. Natural light and white walls, so nice =)

Carolina Bernardo

What an amazing workspace!!

Tali Schiffer
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