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By Brittni • Updated on 02/01/2011

After the last Workspace Wednesday post, I thought we all could use another round of inspiration. And because the pop of color last time was popular, I chose another interior with some great colors. This “alternative workspace” was found on Decor8, a blog that really needs no introduction in this community. And I am calling it an “alternative workspace” because it’s not an office or studio, but rather a dining room table. I’ve thought about this long and hard, and realized that I use our dining room table more for my crazy projects (and the occasional folding of clothes) than for actually eating. And I wondered if you had a similar situation to share.

So, what do you think? Would you (or do you) use your dining room table as a workspace?

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I use my kitchen table to work because my desk is in my daughter’s bedroom and I can’t be hammering away during her naptime! 😀 I love the workspace pictured here. It looks warm, welcoming and functional… I don’t think that table would be too difficult to make. Guess what I’ll be asking my husband to do this weekend! Hehehe!


love the workspace…just the right pops of color. i have a second bedroom that i use as my office but find myself using the dining room or the sofa more often.


hmmmmm, to be honest i think it’s all about where the dining room table IS… Ours is in the kitchen near to nothing much else, so it doesn’t get use, but if it were in our living area I’d paint/work/sew etc on it all the time…

a good table is a good table after all…




I used the table for a long time. i just recently set up a little “office” in my bedroom and it’s so nice to have a dedicated spot just to work on projects.

I absolutely LOVE that table and set up! Beautiful! Makes me want to spice up my dining room now that my jewelry is strewn all over!


My dinning room table is currently my office so yup, same situation here. I love all the color in this photo/room.

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover

I’ve been using my dining room table for my work surface, as I don’t have any where else in our small house to work. It is not, unfortunately, as pretty as this table. What a beauty!

Faith from OrdinaryMommy

Awesome. I’d LOVE to see a photo when you’re done rearranging. How fun! Glad you were able to find some inspiration. 🙂


I forgot to change my name and didn’t know how to delete my first comment 🙁

Please Note

I LOVE WORKSPACE WEDNESDAY! You completely inspired me to not only re-create my workspace but to rearrange my entire bedroom around it. I want to share mine with you as soon as I get a nice photo of it! Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!

Please Note

this is really unfair. why can’t I make my workspace look like this? i swear i have tried soo hard to make it look good!!


I think you’ve hit on something there Jen. The dining table usually is a central location in the house, so it makes sense to gather there and work there.


ALL THE TIME. It is the most central room in our lower level, and I can see into all other rooms form there also…the light is great, the surface is large. Just recently, I have gained a room for my studio, and with task lighting, I am finding myself in there more and more…which my family very much appreciates at dinner time!


My dining room IS my workspace 😀 We live in a good sized 2 bedroom apartment with 3 kids, so it’s the only spot I have. We have a 70″ round dining table and I make it work for sewing, crafting, homeschooling, baking – and eating! It gets tidied and wiped down a LOT!


“..while I don’t have a table to EAT off of, I do have a table each for sewing and for the computer.” At least you have your priorities straight. I love that Hungry Crafter!


If my kitchen table looked like THAT? Yes, yes I would work from the kitchen 🙂 To be honest, (sheepish grin) I don’t have a dining room table — we eat off the coffee table. I can’t blame this on being in my 20s anymore (like I used to!) so I will blame it on urban living. But lest you think my priorities are out of whack, while I don’t have a table to EAT off of, I do have a table each for sewing and for the computer 🙂

The Hungry Crafter

Yep, I work that way too Char. HUGE mess until it absolutely has to be cleaned up (right before Jeff gets home). Hehe.


I use ours too…it’s a HUGE mess until about 5 minutes before my husband walks in the door…then there’s a mad rush to clean up and get organised for dinner…our girls love crafting…but once my space is finished(has to be before the Summer as I am running Art Camp) then ALL my materials will move with me downstairs(basement) to MY studio,I can’t wait…it’s been 5 years!!! TOO LONG!!!
Great post…and I adore that table!


Yes! I use our big dining room table all the time. At first I was bummed that I don’t have more space, but it’s nice having everything in one place.


Oh yes, isn’t that table amazing Van? I could just drool all day over it.
And Sasha, I love that you use your entire space as a workspace. Its nice to spread out like that, isn’t it?


Haha – I use our dining room table, coffee table, kitchen penninsula, sofa [I could go on and on] as my workspace!

Thankfully my boyfriend is very tolerant of it – He actually likes it because then I can’t get cranky when he leaves stuff around 😛


Same here, my small dining room table is the craft hub more than anything else. I sometimes lust for a long, rustic one as pictured for ultimate comfort while crafting (and ultimate craft friend accommodating!)


“…many evenings, we ended up eating on the sofa, or on cushions on the living room floor because I couldn’t bring myself to move ALL of my stuff off the table” We use to do this all the time too Pilli! How funny. Now I try to keep my projects in my workspace, but every now and again I like to have the option of going back to the dining room table. We really never eat there anyway, so it might as well get some use. 🙂


I actually hàve for many years, and I’m glad I finally have my own workspace!
I suppose it can work well in some cases… for drawing maybe, but for sewing it’s just not ideal. In fact, many evenings, we ended up eating on the sofa, or on cushions on the living room floor because I couldn’t bring myself to move ALL of my stuff off the table… we used to call them our ‘living room picnics’, and although they were quite fun (we still organize some on occasion) I’m glad I can close the door on my mess at night!

& have a great day!

pilli pilli
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