Workspace Wednesday

After the last Workspace Wednesday post, I thought we all could use another round of inspiration. And because the pop of color last time was popular, I chose another interior with some great colors. This “alternative workspace” was found on Decor8, a blog that really needs no introduction in this community. And I am calling it an “alternative workspace” because it’s not an office or studio, but rather a dining room table. I’ve thought about this long and hard, and realized that I use our dining room table more for my crazy projects (and the occasional folding of clothes) than for actually eating. And I wondered if you had a similar situation to share.

So, what do you think? Would you (or do you) use your dining room table as a workspace?

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I use my kitchen table to work because my desk is in my daughter’s bedroom and I can’t be hammering away during her naptime! 😀 I love the workspace pictured here. It looks warm, welcoming and functional… I don’t think that table would be too difficult to make. Guess what I’ll be asking my husband to do this weekend! Hehehe!


love the workspace…just the right pops of color. i have a second bedroom that i use as my office but find myself using the dining room or the sofa more often.


hmmmmm, to be honest i think it’s all about where the dining room table IS… Ours is in the kitchen near to nothing much else, so it doesn’t get use, but if it were in our living area I’d paint/work/sew etc on it all the time…

a good table is a good table after all…



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