Workspace Wednesday

After posting workspaces every Wednesday (alright I know I have missed a few more than a few) for almost nine months now, I thought it was only fair to show my workspace today…

When I have time, this is where I paint and draw. A small space with lots of light (although there wasn’t much light when I took these photos) that I share with Jeff. I try to keep everything as clutter-free as possible when I am not using it, because when I am, its a big giant ball of chaos.

A little story about the mustached man in the last image… Jeff found this painting in someone’s trash can while he was running one morning. So, he brought it home for me because he knew I would like it. I love portraits like this. It makes me laugh every time I walk into the room.

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Thank you Ann. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


beautiful workspace! I love all the light. and the portrait is surely a wonderful muse. ( :

A Beautiful Party

Aw, thanks Hollie. Glad you popped over because I wanted to tell you that I read your interview on ArtHound from a couple of months ago…it was great!


the portrait is amazing! it’s a great clean space and i completely envy your amount of light there. i also completely envy your chair. :p

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