Workspace Wednesday

I know I mostly post interiors for Workspace Wednesday, but I had to make an exception here. This is someone’s real workspace. It is not ripped from a magazine. It is someone’s REAL office space, that I accidentally found via one of my endless flickr binges. I would do almost anything to work here everyday. A perfectly uncluttered cube, with an insane view.

How would you describe your perfect workspace?

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That really gives a whole new meaning to ‘office cubicle’ doesn’t it?


Faith- “full of light” is on my wish list too. And a view (wooded area) like Brittany mentioned.


i hope my workspace could be like that….


That is absolutely amazing! My perfect workspace? Right now, I’d settle for anything with air conditioning. My space is in the attic!


That would be a heavenly place to work!
a perfect treehouse.

Linda Ketelhut

That is incredible! In my dreams my work space is organized, peaceful, and full of light.

Faith from OrdinaryMommy

Oh, man, that is AMAZING! I’m pretty sure my perfect workspace looks exactly like that! Or at least has some woods for me to look at.

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