Workspace Wednesday

By now I am sure I don’t need to mention that my favorite workspaces to write about are all white. I don’t know why. I am just drawn to them! I hope you understand. Here are more white workspaces I recently found. If you like these, you may want to follow my workspace pins (or all of my pins) on pinterest. I’ve been updating them quite frequently, and I’ll follow you back if I like what I see.

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Alright, alright, so back to the workspaces… Although each of these interiors is mostly white, they all have a very different feeling and style.

1. Modern Eclectic: The first workspace (top) from Desire to Inspire pairs the clean lines of a modern table and clean, wood frames with an oriental rug that might typically find a home in a more traditional setting.

2. Classic Crafter: The second workspace (directly above) from Decor 8 has a more classic vibe. Containers are used to stash craft supplies for safe keeping. And a simple, white-bordered cork board acts as the perfect display for inspirations art artwork.

3. Paired-Down Loft Lover: Lastly, the workspace below from Bliss is quite the retreat. A completely white attic workspace (even the floors are whitewashed) with minimal decor make this office feel loft-like and spacious.

Which workspace best describes you?

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These put my work space to shame.


Mine too Catherine. Mine too.


Argh! I have the worst space in the world. LoL Acutally, half my problem is that I have a decent sized room, that I’ve just laid out very poorly, and filled with way too many things. I don’t know how people keep their places so neat? I always have stacks of product or stacks of inspiration piled up everywhere. =)


*sigh* My workspace is my dining room table. Some day I aspire to at least a simple desk that is my very own 🙂

Faith from OrdinaryMommy

Goes to show how important a work space is… My work space makes me happy. 🙂


I’m in love with that loft workspace! It looks so big and spacious, and I love how much natural light it gets!

My workspace is pretty small, though I’m lucky to have a separate room for it. I just wish it had a window that I could look out of.

Mine also very rarely looks neat – there’s usually piles of fabric all over the place, bits of thread on the floor and half-finished products strewn everywhere. I just tell myself that creative people are allowed to get messy!


i love white workspace too…


Oh I’d love a lovely bright workspace like those! Mine’s very dark and dreary! Your feature makes me desperately want time/space/money to improve my workspace.

I was inspired by you last week to do my own Wednesday Workspace post on my blog of this beautiful sewing room:

I love it’s storage system! – Emily

Emily Boyd

Oh and this is my first time posting on your blog. I absolutely love it, it’s so wonderfully inspiring and when I discovered it I spent about three days reading my way through the old posting. So much prettiness I couldn’t help myself! Keep it up! 🙂

Emily Boyd

Hi Emily. What a great workspace. Love the bright blue color on the walls. And thanks for posting a comment (and for your compliments of course).


Beautiful spaces! I especially love the chandelier, so delicate and pretty.


all three are so pretty! but i love the second space!

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