Workspace Wednesday

By Brittni • Updated on 07/07/2021

Today being the beautiful day that it is, I am thinking about the outdoors. Specifically how to bring the outdoors in. And since its Wednesday, I am bringing that idea to the office with these woodland workspaces.

Very different, but equally beautiful. Each space brings an element of the outdoors in. The interior above, physically brings the outdoors in, with an actual tree branch balancing on the floor. And the below interior uses flora prints, plant illustrations, and pages from a book alongside a rustic desk to bring in the natural elements.

Which do you prefer?

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That tree looks so incredible in an indoor space! I’ve seen some other interiors that have used similar ideas. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try in my house. Thanks for the reminder!

Brittany Noel

Gorgeous! I love the second one!
But I would try to sneak in the tree… I’ve been working on a piece-of-birch-tree-in-the-house thing for a while now… and this just reminded me to bring it up again to my better (and more tool-worthy) half…

pilli pilli

pilli pilli

i think i like the second one better. i guess i have a more girly style. they are both very nice though.


I love them both but the 1st is definitely my style. Gorgeous minimalism how I love you…and the bird under the cloche doesn’t hurt.


Definitely drawn to the second workspace. Very mellow and inspiring!

Faith from OrdinaryMommy

I love the floral inspired workspace… so cute!


oh, how i love the first photo – but my reality is a whole lot more clutter

alexandra keller

I really really love both spaces. In terms of decoration, I think I prefer the second – the more vintagy, shabby chic feel and I especially love backless shelves and bookcases when you have art or wallpaper behind them. But what I wouldnt give to have that wall of windows from the top space – swoon…

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