Workspace Wednesday: In Your Home Studio with Kerry McCashin


This week’s Workspace Wednesday is a bit of a hybrid between a workspace feature and a studio tour. I love showing off real life workspaces whenever I have the opportunity, and so today I am sharing the home office and studio of Kerry McCashin, the paper lover and designer behind K. Batty Design and Stationery. Kerry sells her card designs and stationery in her online card shop also named K. Batty. And I thought she would be a fun person to interview. So, I asked Kerry some questions about her shop and her home studio. Here’s what Kerry had to say…



-Hi Kerry! I like to start every interview by asking a simple question: In just a few sentences, how would you describe your work? 

Clean, streamlined, classic. My work is often layered with color & graphics, but in my cards I keep them simple, using lots of white space.

-Yes, you do have a lot of white space. That’s one of the things I love most about your designs. Switching gears… I love the coziness of home offices and studios, and I imagine you do too. Where, in your home, is your office / studio located?

My studio is the second bedroom in the back of a 2-bedroom garden apartment in Brooklyn Heights. Our landlord owns & lives in the 3 floors of the brick townhome above. It was built in 1850 & she is only the 3rd owner!

-What have you found to be the best time of day (or night) to get work done?

Oooohhh”¦depends on the work, but I am probably at my most productive just after lunch. At that point I have checked all my email, done any bookkeeping or household chores & have no restrictions!

-Always easier to work when you’ve charged up your brain with a little food, huh? Sounds like you have a schedule down pat. How long have you been pursuing work as a designer and card shop owner?

My K.Batty shop started in November 2009, though it was not my first Etsy shop attempt. I used to be 910 Studio ““ same shop concept, different name. I started 910 one day at work when I was having the worst day in the world ““ the kind of day that led to my leaving the company in May 2009. After I got married a few months later, I had more time to think about what I wanted to do. Since I have this opportunity due to my husbands love & support, I wanted my shop name to reflect that. So! Now Im K. Batty Design & Stationery. Its a 2-prong approach – freelancing as a graphic designer/art director & running my Etsy shop.

-What has been your most exciting or noteworthy event regarding your work recently that you interpret as a success?

LOTS of my business has come from word-of-mouth. It is unbelievably gratifying to know that my work satisfies my customers to the point that they are sending their friends, family & colleagues to me. I actually had a client like the business cards I made for him SO much, that he insisted I put my website somewhere on them so people could find me.

Also, its a success that my friends & family read my blog ““ and not just because they love me. They actually look forward to the content!

-And one last question for you. I am all about online marketing. So can you tell me what ways you promote yourself and your work online?

My blog, Facebook, & twitter serve 2 purposes. 1. To let my potential customers get to know ME, not always my work 2. To drive people to my Etsy shop. Ill explain:

The K. Batty blog is pretty much home base. There, I talk about design that I like, things I think are pretty, current projects. This year I started a weekly post called Cards of the Week, to highlight paper products from around the web that I like. I used FB & Twitter to drive people to the blog. I also post on FB & twitter when I upload new items to Etsy or want to call attention to a specific item (for instance, I have Mothers Day cards going up soon & some stationery that would make a great gift for Mom”¦)

But I try not to just post about paper & stationery all the time. Otherwise, I think people start to tune it out. My personality really helps sell my work, so I try first & foremost to let that be what I show the most on my blog, FB & twitter. There are LOTS of talented designers doing the same thing that I am ““ selling cards online. Making a personal connection with customers, dialoging with them, letting my personality shine thru, hopefully, can help set me apart from the rest of the fray.

Thank you so much Kerry for the interview and the tour of your space!

Please visit K. Batty Design and Stationery to check out the blog and get updates. To purchase or browse paper goods from Kerry, visit her online card shop also named K. Batty. If you like Kerry’s space and interview, please help spread the word by using the social media buttons below.

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My pleasure Kerry!


Brittni, thanks so much for posting my studio tour!

Please Note, so glad you agree! You have to find a way to separate yourself from the fray. So many talented people in the world!


I love how you combined photos of Kerry’s work and her workspace. Also, I love this…

“Making a personal connection with customers, dialoging with them, letting my personality shine thru, hopefully, can help set me apart from the rest of the fray.”

It’s so true! I’m finding that adding a personal touch to my work makes it more interesting.

Great post, Brittni!

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