Workspace Wednesday: Reader Edition

I’ve been working with pns reader Elizabeth of Please Note Paper recently, who has a great blog (you should check it out- especially if you like to cook – great casual recipes).

Anyway, she sent me over some photos of her workspace and I have to tell you, I never thought I could love a blue studio so much. It’s crafty, cozy, and everything in between. An organized workspace with personality can be hard to replicate, but this one is spot on.

Love the mini cork board and clotheslines for hanging inspiration.

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it looks great! I love the desk companions too 🙂

Yellow Elm

Neat and organized workspace inspires creation. The pastel blue wall not only pleases the eyes, it also generates a warm fuzzy feeling that draws us to Elizabeth. The doll seems to tell much about her personality. It gives us the impression that she is very much attached to her childhood — which, in this case, looks like a good thing.


Oh yes. Aren’t they cute?


I in particular enjoy Elizabeth’s desk companions!


Love the tiny clothespins!


Yeah I never thought blue wall can be so cozy and warm… I super love the hanging cards so much… =)

April {iam_artisan}

I love the wire and the dainty clothespins the cards hang from. This is a gorgeous space. I need to find a corner somewhere to turn into a studio…


I love blue walls, if I wasn’t moving in a few months, I’d be painting my bedroom a nice shade of aqua. I love it used in an office like this though. One thing I love about the clotheslines here are most of the inspiration pieces have rounded corners. It is a small detail but it gives a cohesive (vs cluttered) look. Love this space!


I also love this shade of blue….and the wire idea!

Emily deshler
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