Workspace Wednesday (small spaces)

By Brittni • Updated on 05/02/2011

A small space can be quite a challenge when you are desperate for a dedicated room for a home office. But, with a little ingenuity, it can be done!

This space (shown left via Domino magazine) is completely tucked away on an otherwise unused half wall in between two doorways. The desk fits perfectly on this oddly sized wall, and when you have guests over, you can tuck away the drop down and it looks like practical storage.

What are your tips for creating a cozy, inviting office in confined quarters?

*image c/o Domino (found via The Frugal Materialist)

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Sounds fantastic Kerry!


My desk is made out of sanded cedar planks and those Ikea saw horse legs. Just the smell of the cedar plus the reddish, natural wood is super inviting and cozy for me to work on my paintings and crafts!


Thank you Monica. I appreciate that!


I really enjoy the “Workspace Wednesday” series, gives me that little extra push to get my space done!

Thank you for sharing : )

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