Workspace Wednesday: White!

By Brittni • Updated on 05/02/2011

I’ve missed Workspace Wednesday these last few weeks. So, I am getting back on the horse with these perfectly white workspaces that are currently causing a small puddle of drool to form on my desk…

1. (above) The whitewashed home of lotta agaton with lots of light. (via 79 Ideas)

2. The Stockholm studio of Pia Wallen (via KitKatDesign)

3. A cozy attic office that is full of glamour (from The Decorista via The Censational Girl)

So tell me… Which workspace do you envy most? 1, 2, or 3?

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{ Bureaux } Un peu de lumière et beaucoup de vert « DecoCrush

I really love the first one ! All that light and green pops make me so jealous 😉 I would feel so comfortable in a place like that !


Love that attic space. That’s what my dream room would probably look like. I love unusual windows and nooks, purple is my favorite color and I remember wanting all white furniture in my room when I was 12, but my mom wouldn’t let me get it because she thought it was too much of a hassle to maintain. I don’t really believe that to be true. This is inspiring me to make some changes in my decor and make my childhood/teenage dream come true.


I really like the 3rd office. It looks so cosy and, as I’m planning on moving into a flat with an attic office, it gives me some idea of what I can do with my new space! 🙂


loving the pop of green in photo 1 🙂

Carissa/The Little Plum

from far the first one is my favourite, i love the green among all the white!!! it’s wide and has a huge window… though all this white might not be the best answer to this house with a 4 month-old puppy! hugs! twiggs


I would go with 2, it seems so wide open and would have room for all my little bits and work things!

Rachel Anne

Oooo, that’s a toughie Brittni! I’m torn between the first two, but will probably go for #1… The light looks warmer and I adore that lovely plant stand, do you know anything about it… ?
Emma, x

emma lamb

#1. Amazing! Space like that really clears my mind and lets me focus on being completely creative. I have 40 plants around my house too so that’s a major draw for me in any work space. Absolutely necessary. My creative space ( is off-white / is just barely “dove” color but when I was painting the white over I couldn’t actually tell if it was making any difference (it did! it’s just a tad warmer….) Thank you for this collection Brittni!


WOW! I’m definitely a fan of WHITE!
It’s amazing how whitewashed walls add to the light in a room…

Now if I could pick any of these rooms and ‘zap’ it into our house, I would go for the first one by lotta agaton! My sewing machine would feel right at home there!

& thanks for sharing!

pilli pilli

Put the plants from number 1 in the space of number 2, and I’m in heaven!


Can I have them all? I love the whitewashed floors, the plants and the light in #1. And the expansive space and ceilings in #2. So hard to choose!


ooh so fresh and clean looking! Love them.

Jane - Jacaranda Designs

The first one by far! I would kill for that chair!


Oh these are all so droolworthy, I would love the first one!

However, jewelry making is such a messy and dirty endeavour these beautiful whites would be made grey too soon!

thanks for sharing!



#2 looks so spacious and I’d love all of the natural sunlight. I love the layout of #1, but #3 would make me claustrophobic to work in!


Number three – hand’s down. I love the pop of purple, the coziness and, of course, the white. It also seems more universally common to have a smaller workspace. I love how they’ve brightened a normally dark space.


I love them all! But my order of favorites would be 2, (becuase of that beautiful photograph of the dancer on the chair) then 1 then 3.


I wish I had a white workspace like these! They are each so full of light! I especially love the contrast of the magenta rug with the white floors in the last image!


Number one is my favorite too Margaret. Although, they are all great.


I love the first workspace best. All the greens make me happy because they stand out more on the white backdrop.

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