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DIY Star Pillow Tutorial

Star pillows made easy! Christmas throw pillows are a great way to add a little holiday home decor to your home without going completely overboard, since pillows are generally a safe bet when it comes to holiday decorating.
These DIY star pillows fly under the radar (in a good way), while giving off those holiday spirit vibes. The metallic gold and silver (shiny) fabrics scream Christmas, BUT since stars are generally a more universal shape, they can stay out long after the holidays are over.
Total Time1 hr
Keyword: christmas, diy, pillow, quick sewing project, star
Cost: $20


  • star pillow template click link for free template
  • metallic fabric
  • thread
  • poly fill
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • straight pins
  • sewing machine
  • needle


  • Begin with your star template printed and cut out. Fold your fabric right sides facing each other "hot dog style", then fold the piece "hamburger style" so that you have 4 layers of fabric.
  • Trace the star shape along the folded edge with a pencil. Cut 1/2" from your traced line for seam allowance. After cutting, you should have 2 identical star pieces.
  • On the piece that already has been traced, flip your template over and trace the other side, so that you have a clear line to sew. Put your star pieces together, right sides in, and pin along the edges.
  • Sew along the traced line with a zig-zag stitch making sure to leave a 4 inch gap from where you start and where you end to be able to stuff the pillow. *You'll want to use the smallest zig zag stitch your machine can do.
  • Flip your star pillow right side out and start stuffing! Make sure you get each point of the star really stuffed so that it doesn't look lumpy when it's all done.
  • After you get your pillow stuffed to your liking, it's time to sew it up. Using an invisible stitch, hand stitch the gap closed.


Tip for Step 4: The silver star pillow was the first one that was completed and a slightly larger zig zag stitch was used on that one. You can see a little bunching on that pillow as a result. Whereas the gold star pillow was done using the smallest zig zag stitch and has no bunching at all.