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DIY Patchwork Mud Cloth Xmas Tree Skirt

And if that dyed tree skirt DIY isn't quite your thing, how about this patchwork mud cloth version instead? It's also made of affordable drop cloth and is actually a little cheaper to make than the first tree skirt because the only major supplies you need outside of the drop cloth is paint and paint brush, which you probably already have at home.
Total Time2 hrs
Cost: $13


  • large drop cloth
  • thread that closely matches canvas
  • sewing machine
  • white paint or really any color of your choosing
  • fabric scissors
  • tailors chalk
  • measuring tape
  • *optional* seam ripper


Cut and paint patches

  • Start by cutting a square that is 48" on each side. You can make yours larger if you want a bigger tree skirt. This size is slightly more toward the smaller size in terms of tree skirts.
  • The average tree skirt is anywhere between 48 and 56 inches. So keep that in mind when cutting the initial dimensions for yours. Generally, the┬árule for tree skirts is bigger the tree, the bigger the tree skirt.
  • You may have to seam rip the edges if your drop cloth is hemmed around the edge. OR just cut the hem part off - up to you. Now, cut that square piece into as many patches you'd like in varying sizes.
  • It's helpful to keep the square shape in tact even as you are cutting the pieces up so you know how they're all fit back together when sewing. It might even be helpful to take a picture of the placement of all the patchwork pieces so you can reference it if things get mixed up later in the process of tree skirt making.
  • Next, start painting different patterns on each of the pieces. You can do simple patterns like polka dots and stripes, dashes, plus signs, etc.
  • If you need pattern inspiration, try pulling up mudcloth fabric patterns online. You'll find some really good ones to mimic that way.
  • Once dry, make sure the painted pieces are arranged in a square once again and take a photo to reference later if needed.

Sew patches together

  • Next, start sewing the pieces together based on the image you captured. Sew each piece about 1/4" away from the edge.
  • Once all your pieces are assembled, cut your tree skirt into a circle.
  • Fold your square piece into 4ths (in half one way, then half another way). Measure 22.5" from the center of the square every 3 inches or so and mark with tailors chalk. Once the outline of the rounded curve is marked out, cut along the line.
  • To cut out the center circle for your tree stump, measure 3" from the center and repeat the same process above.

Sew your tree skirt

  • Now, cut 3 long strips of drop cloth that are both 4' long and 3 inches wide. Sew them together long ways so you have one strip of fabric that is approx. 12' long. Starting on one side of the slit in the circle, sew the strip and the edge of the skirt together.
  • Once you've sewn the strip all the way around the base of the tree skirt, heat up your iron and grab your ironing board to press the the hems. You'll want to fold the strip inward so that there are no raw hems shown.
  • Press the fold all the way around, then pop back onto your sewing machine and sew the hem about 1/4" from the edge.
  • Do the same thing with the hem of the circle that'll wrap around your tree stump. With that, you'll want to cut a strip that's about 20" long and 3" wide. Sew that strip together with the strip laying on top of the top of the skirt.
  • Repeat the same process of folding and pressing the hem. Sew that hem 1/4" from the edge.
  • Now, go back to your ironing board and press both of the slit edges about 1/2" underneath the skirt. Sew them both. Trim you thread, and you're all set!