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Eco Friendly Dish Scrubber

Make your own jute dish scrubbers. These kitchen scrubbers are a super affordable (natural) alternative to using a standard sponge.


  • jute string exact string used is linked in blog post
  • K crochet hook if you're not using thin jute, like mine, you may need a bigger hook


  • Start by doubling your jute string and creating a slip knot. There is no need to double up if you’re using a different material.
  • Chain stitch 15 stitches.
  • Yarn over and single crochet 15 times.
  • Repeat the last step 14 times. Tie a knot on the last stitch.


Note about adding more string length as you go:
Whenever you need to add more string, which will probably happen a couple of times during the making of this dish scrubber, it's really an easy process. Just cut more, double it up as you've done before, then double knot the pieces together, and cut off excess (as shown in video).