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How to Make Custom Soft Toys for Kids (Various Shapes)

Cute little soft toys are such great gifts for kids and/or expectant moms-to-be. And the fact that these are DIY-able AND super affordable to create, make them even better in my eyes. So, I thought I'd show you how to make your own. I had a few of these made for Hayes before he was born and he still plays with them to this day. The rainbow toy is his favorite.
Total Time1 hour
Keyword: kid toys, kids, quick sewing project, rainbow, sewing, toy
Author: Brittni
Cost: 10


  • sewing machine


  • scrap fabric (I used linen)
  • organic cotton stuffing, more fabric scraps, or similar
  • thread
  • scissors


Create a template out of fabric or paper for the shape(s) you want to create - cloud, rainbow, teardrop, etc.

  • You can use my memory game shapes template as a guide for a few of those (just blow them up bigger when printing).
    Then trace onto fabric and draw an additional line all the way around the shape that is 1/4 to 1/2 inch out from the original line. This will be your seam allowance.

Pin the two pieces of fabric (which will be your front and back pieces) together before cutting out along the seam allowance line.

    Sew along the shape lines but leave about a 3 inch (or more to make it easier) opening for the stuffing to go into. Be sure to back stitch on either side of the opening.

    • For cloud, raindrop, moon, or star shapes this is all you will need to do before moving onto the next step.
    • But if you're making the rainbow shape, you will need to sew separate pieces for reach bow in the rainbow. In this case, three different ones.

    Flip inside out. We used a pen and a skinny dowel rod to push everything through.

      Fill with your choice of stuffing with the fill of your choice. Stuff the corners first and then fill out the middle.

      • We found that teasing the stuffing eliminates lumps in the pillow.
      • If you're using loose filling (like millet, buckwheat, flaxseed,¬†lavender), you won't need to worry about this.

      Hand sew the opening, using an invisible stitch, and secure on the ends with double or triple knots. **Make sure that the stitching is very secure to stand up to use from children.**

      • And if creating the rainbow toy, you'll also need to attach each of the bow pieces / arches together after the openings are stitched up.
      • You can again use an invisible stitch to attach each arch together to form the final rainbow. Be sure to tie off ends in double or tripe knots.


      *Note before getting started / disclaimer*

      Because parts of these stuffed toys are sewn by hand and also include some kind of filling inside each item to make it soft, please use caution with these toys and monitor small children while they are in use.
      I recommend using stuffing that is non-toxic like organic cotton (I used organic cotton roving scraps that I already had for this project), wool, or more fabric scraps. Or as another option, you could use buckwheat hulls, flaxseed, or millet - which are also great natural options for stuffing. But again, would require monitoring to ensure the stitching doesn't come undone.