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Clever No Carve Pumpkin Idea

In theory, I like the idea of pumpkin carving around Halloween time, but I just can't bring myself to clean up the mess (and spend the time) to do it. So, I typically stick to no-carve pumpkin ideas instead. And this year, I have a new one that I thought I'd share because it's SO insanely easy! I don't want to toot my own horn or anything, BUT this might just be the easiest no-carve pumpkin tutorial ever. And possibly the quickest too....considering it takes about 60 seconds to complete. Toot toot. Whoops! Want to make your own? Here's how to make balloon dipped pumpkins in 60 seconds or less...
Total Time2 mins
Keyword: balloons, diy, halloween, halloween diy, no carve pumpkin ideas, pumpkins
Author: Brittni
Cost: $5


  • balloons
  • scissors
  • mini pumpkins


  • Cut the stem off a balloon, so you're just left with the larger bulb shape.
  • Pull the balloon over the bottom of a miniature pumpkin. Adjust the balloon to get the desired look. You can pull the balloon all the way up to the top and cover the pumpkin completely or lower it for a 'dipped' look.


This works best with small to medium sized pumpkins because the balloons can only stretch so far. So keep that in mind.