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Dip Dyed DIY Baskets in 10 Minutes

Dip dyed DIY baskets that are so pretty! In 10 minutes! I've been wanting some new baskets for odds and ends around the house and decided to dye my own, instead of searching high and low for the perfect colors. And I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I've done my fair share of dip dyeing projects, but had never tried baskets until now. Turns out, it works like a charm. So I'm sharing the tutorial today. This project is super easy AND quick (which you know are my 2 favorite words when it comes to DIY projects). Here's how you can dip dye your own baskets in about 10 minutes....
Total Time10 mins
Keyword: basket, dip dyed, diy, dyed, woven basket
Author: Brittni


  • woven baskets mine are from Container Store
  • Rit dye I like the liquid version that comes in a bottle
  • metal spoon
  • medium to large bowl
  • water


Create the dye bath.

  • Start by combining water and the dye into a bowl, according to the instructions on the packaging. I used about 1/8 of a bottle of dye and 4 cups of hot water.¬†Stir with a spoon until fully mixed.

Dip the baskets.

  • Dip the basket into the bowl, at an angle. Keeping it in the dye bath until you've reached the desired color.

Remove and let dry.

  • Pour out any excess dye from the basket, then remove the basket from the dye bath. Let it dry completely before using. The dye soaks into the baskets really well¬†(particularly the ones I used, which are made out of palm leaves) because of the material they're made out of.


Will the baskets dry lighter or darker, when finished?
The baskets dry a tiny bit lighter than they look when you remove them from the dye bath. Just FYI. But it's a very slight difference.
And here's how the finished baskets turned out...