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Painted Wood Ornaments DIY

Looking for wood ornaments to paint? Or just a simple holiday project to try? Check these out! This is a super simple ornament project, but I wanted to share it anyway because the exact wood ornaments I used are really affordable and accessible (available at Target - online and in-store). Plus, you can use them as little gift toppers and stocking stuffers too. So, here we go!
Total Time30 mins
Keyword: christmas, diy, holiday cocktail, ornaments, painted
Author: Brittni


  • Sugar Paper wood ornaments from Target
  • Paint I used Holbein Acryla Gouache paint
  • Paint brush I used a pointed round paint brush
  • Sealant matte or gloss
  • Scissors
  • Skinny ribbon optional
  • Ornament hooks optional


  • There's really no need for much instruction here. I cut off all of the ribbons because I wanted to replace them with my own or just use a simple hook instead. Haven't decided yet.
  • And then, I just used a small round tip brush to create different patterns and paint solid colors over some of the existing designs on the wood ornaments.
  • The ones with the tiny white polka dots, I used as a guide for the brushstroke polka dots you see in the final ornaments. And the striped ones, I used the existing design and added a zigzag pattern on time for a vintage, Charlie Brown feel. And then for the spinning top shaped ornaments, I completely painted over the existing designs.
  • Once dry, you can use a matte or gloss sealant on top and then they're ready to hang, with a new ribbon or on wire hooks.


Notes about Materials: I bought 5 packs, for a total of 15 ornaments (total cost $20).
I used Holbein Acryla Gouache paint because it comes in more earthy tones that I love, straight out of the tube and dries very, very matte. But you just as easily use acrylic paint. I included a photo of the exact paints that I used so that if you like these, you can use the exact same colors. And if you'd prefer not to shop at Amazon, here's an art supply store (Cheap Joe's Art Stuff) that carries pretty much every color imaginable.
I ended up mixing some of the colors together to create a few more options, but many of the colors on these ornaments are straight form the tube. And I used a small round tip brush which worked great.