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How to Make a Beaded Star Ornament

I love these star ornaments because they're easy to complete and only take a few supplies. All I had to buy were the beads, since I don't keep those on hand. But even if you had to buy all of the supplies, it's only four or five items that are mostly low in cost. To save money, you could even get creative with the wire and use a straightened out metal hanger if you can find beads with a large enough hole.
Keyword: beaded, christmas, diy, ornaments, star
Author: Brittni


  • wire cutters and jewelry pliers


  • wire
  • beads make sure the bead holes are larger than the wire gauge you use
  • ornament hook or ribbon


  • Cut a piece of wire that is longer than you think you'll need. I cut most of mine around -- inches and made roughly -- inch stars with that length.
  • Then bend the wire into a loose star shape. I used jewelry pliers. and just bent the wire into a triangle every few inches t make the points.
  • I found that just getting a very basic shape was best and then once all the beads are actually on, you can bend it into a more pronounced star shape. Speaking of which...
  • String the beads through the wire, until there is just an inch or two of excess wire on each end that doesn't have beads. Twist the two ends that remain, together as tightly as you can (wrap around several times, so it doesn't come undone). Then cut off the excess 'tail' with wire cutters.
  • Add a ribbon or hook and it's ready to hang on the tree. Or skip the hook and tie it onto gifts as a present topper.