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Large Scale DIY Artwork (Budget-Friendly)

I've been on a little bit of an art kick lately. Probably has something to do with all of the blank walls in our house. So today I'm sharing a large scale art project that is super affordable and all kinds of easy.
If you've ever tried to paint words onto a canvas or paper with a brush, you know there is a pretty big learning curve involved. And plenty of going back to your palette for more paint. But this version of hand lettered wall art is MUCH less difficult because it uses a Pentel Color Brush instead. It's a pen that writes like a brush. So, if you can write with a regular pen, you pretty much have it covered. Yay!
I have a fun little video tutorial (which is just over a minute long) that goes through the step by step process. And we included one of the many outtakes at the very end too, just for laughs...
Total Time1 hr
Keyword: art, artwork, diy, handlettering, large scale art, painting
Cost: $5 or less


  • Large heavy duty paper (I like Reeves BFK)
  • Matte finish paint (I like to use flat interior house paint)
  • Paint brushes
  • Pentel Color Brush (they come in lots of colors, in case you don't want to use black)


  • Start by selecting a color palette that works well for your space. Then paint the paper in a solid color. *You can also do a color blocked design or paint an all over pattern for a different look. Wait for the paint to dry completely before moving onto the next step.
  • Prepare your Color Brush by removing the plastic ring, according to the directions on the pen, and then twisting the handle back on. Then push the ink down to the brush tip with a quick squeeze of the handle.
  • Next, write out the phrase or saying that you want to include. Using your first go as a guide for additional layers (watch the video to see what I'm talking about here).
  • Then go over the original text you've created until you reach a desired look and thickness. Wait for the ink to dry and hang.