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Hair Tutorial: Half Halo Braid in 10 Minutes

You've seen a halo braid, but have you seen a half halo braid?  Today I'm sharing a half halo braid that will take less than ten minutes to recreate. The half up, half down hair trend has been coming back recently, with the ever popular hun (half up, half down bun). And I have to admit, it's been getting me a little nostalgic for the old days... I used to wear my hair that way ALL the time, back in middle school and part of high school too...Whether it was a messy hun (yes, I did rock that look back in the day) or just a half up, half down pony. So, today we're adding a new little twist to the trend and doing a something we've dubbed the half halo braid. Is that a thing already? I don't know, but it probably should be. So easy and looks like you spent a lot more time on your hair than you actually did. Click through for the quick and easy hair tutorial...
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Author: Brittni


  • Start with curled or wavy hair. Prep roots throughout with your favorite texturizing product. 
    This is the one Rachel, our hair guru, likes most. Works great and it's not expensive at all.
  • Next, taking the top half of your hair, split it into two sections and braid each with an inverted braid (as shown in the photos).
    *Keep a couple of pieces out in the front, to frame your face, if you want a look similar to what you see in the photos. If not, just include those front pieces as part of your braids.
    Note: As you're braiding each side, make sure to leave your crown area out of the braids so that you don't have a part down the back.
  • Once your braids are finished spread them by tugging at pieces to give it a loose, easy look. Feel free to add more texturizing product if you need more "messiness" from your braids.
  • Wrap each braid around creating a halo look. And secure each with bobby pins, making sure to tuck in and hide the loose ends.
  • Finish by spreading your braids anywhere they might need it and add a spritz of your favorite hairspray. Done! Pretty simple, right?