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Felt Pinwheels Tutorial

Here's an adorable tutorial for felt pinwheel hair combs from Mayi Carles, who has a really cute shop by the same name. You may remember Mayi from this studio tour and interview earlier in the month. And today Mayi is sharing her secrets on how to make these playful accessories. They would make for a great party project to supervise with a group of kids (yes, they'll probably need supervision since there is some hand sewing involved). Don't you think? Here's what you'll need...
Total Time30 minutes
Cost: $5


  • your choice of two colors of eco friendly felt sheets
  • two pearls
  • matching color thread
  • scissors
  • silicon glue
  • metal comb
  • brand label optional


  • Step 1. Cut two circles approximately 2.25 inches in diameter
  • Step 2. Delicately apply glue to the two circles and place on the other color felt (see image above to know how it should look)
  • Step 3. Remove excess felt to make two circles
  • Step 4. Cut a one inch X on each circle
  • Step 5. Sew together the four points of the X (again, see image to know what it should look like)
  • Step 6. Repeat step five with the remaining circle. And feel free to switch the inside parts on the second one to get a different look
  • Step 7. Sew the pearls on to the middle of each pinwheel
  • Step 8. Sew the two pinwheels together. Stitch them together on the back so you can't see this part from the front
  • Step 9. Sew in the hair accessory of your choice. Here we are using a hair comb, but you could easily use a bobbin pin instead if you would like
  • Step 10. OPTIONAL: Delicately cover all your stitch work with a piece of felt and add your personal label