Write with Moxie

Whenever I am feeling uninspired with my writing or I have a big project to map out, I actually go out and buy a new pencil or pen to write with. It’s like a little present to myself to get motivated again or simply to get pumped up about my upcoming plans. Sounds silly, but it totally works.

And next time, instead of heading to my local Office Depot, I’m thinking I’ll be clicking the “order” button online because I’ve found Write with Moxie.

This shop is filled with (colorful) eco-friendly paper pencil sets that I can feel good about buying. And aside from that, they look so cool. Love the colors available!

Visit Write with Moxie now to check out the stash that Lisa has available. You can also visitWrite with Moxie on Etsy if you’d prefer.

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Oh wauw!
They are beautiful !


Wow….these are the coolest pencils ever!!

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