Writings on the Wall

I’ll just let the images speak for themselves. But its great you know, when sometimes we need not say anything at all…

Do you have any writings on the wall?

Love, Letitia

images [source] Second image from Elle

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I don’t have now- but “Dream” would be what I need.
Thank you for sharing- these are great!

joanna's foto

*Gasp!* I love that feather paper cutout!!


I love the hope sign it’s so beautiful and powerful some time ago I was doing project on university where I cut out quotes from famous people within their profile http://www.mimi-illustration.com/index.php?/project/cut-outs/


Hi. That papercut is mine, heehee. I know the previous person removed the credit, but maybe you could credit me? Thank you so much! I love your blog. <3elle


No problem Elle. I just added your credit. Thanks for letting me know.

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