You’ve Come a Long Way…

Appropriately went to my first Papernstitch post to select today’s image.

You’re stressed. You’re not where you want to be with your creative business. Your to-do lists are killing you, they are never-ending. It feels like you’re working on overdrive and never moving ahead.

Today’s creative business tip is an important one. I need you to stop and do this with me right now.

Go back to the first craft you ever made. Read your first blog post. Look at your humble beginnings. You’ve come a long way! You’ve been working hard every day and it’s paid off. You’ve improved, you’ve gotten yourself out there a little more every day and made connections.

All of the business tips I provide are steps you take to help your business grow over time. You won’t explode into an international success overnight. It may take years to get where you want to be. Slow down and admire how far you’ve come…and enjoy the journey!

*image Happy Moment by Shirae

Vanessa wrote this post. She is a full time copywriter and webmarketer with a passion for art, creativity, and thrift. She writes about thrifting, creating, and saving money every weekday on her blog, Thrift Core.

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This is great! Super postive read and people need this sometimes especially the creators, artists, and crafters. It’s really hard to put yourself out there sometimes because you are passionate about something you have done and you’re not sure if people will be accepting of it. We all get into those slumps sometimes and need a boost. Thank you!


What an inspiring article. For those of us who are perfectionists we are never content and always looking judgementally at our achievements and thinking what a shortfall there is between our ambitions and achievements… but by looking back and seeing what has changed so far we can take pride and this is the best boost to continued success.
Thank you so much for your idea.. it can so change our vision!

judit blumenfrucht

as soon as i read this post brittni i went and looked at my first page of etsy sales and had a fun giggle. but i’m proud that my style didn’t just suddenly change. i can actually see my progression in my products over time!


I agree, i needed this today. Little by little I am moving the the right direction 🙂


Great reminder to take a minute and appreciate how far I’ve come. I’m starting up a new Etsy shop as we speak and everything is so much easier this time around, and it’s only because I learned all of these skills with my first shop!


Emily: I LOVE the photo too. Something about it is so inspiring. It’s time for me to break down and buy the print!

Honeymyheart: It is so easy to get into that “Go, Go, Go” mindset. Maybe someone else can share some specific tips that will help us stop and enjoy the NOW.


this post could not have come at a better time for me. it’s been about a year since i started my jewelry line and i’ve been wrapped up in go, go, go, that i forget to look back.


This picture made my day! It’s beautiful!


great reminder! thanks! 🙂

Patty S

Kathryn: I feel the same way when I look at my old photos and blog posts, eek!


Katie: It’s especially important to slow down and enjoy the journey when we’re first starting and we want progress to go faster! I have to remember this lesson often, I’m impatient, too!


Thanks, we all need to be reminded to do that from time to time.

I was recently sorting through old product photos I’d taken when I first started and after initially cringing I began to smile when I realized just how far I’ve come in a short space of time. :0)

Kathryn Dyche Dechairoq

Thank you! I really needed this today. I’m fairly early in my journey but so impatient! I need to breathe and just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Katie @ ktmade blog

Great advice! I have come along way! Thanks for the reminder!

cinzia allocca
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