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If you are getting tired of paying listing fees over and over again for your handmade/ crafty business, this giveaway is just for you! There is a new global marketplace that allows you to sell your handmade goods called Zibbet. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite finds from the site above. The unique thing about the site is instead of charging listing fees, Zibbet has two plans…The first is completely free of charge (no listing fees or hidden cost) and the second plan, known as a premium account, is subscription based and is just $7 a month (with again, no listing fees).

We teamed up with Zibbet to offer TWO free premium accounts for life to two lucky winners. And we also have a promo code for ANYONE to use to try out the site with a premium account for free for seven days. Use promo code PAPERNSTITCH for  a free seven day premium trial. Worth a shot right?

So how do you enter the giveaway?

There are several ways to play and you may enter up to three times. First, visit Zibbet and browse around for your favorites, then come back here and tell us which ones you like most. Second way to play, answer this question in the comments: how would you take advantage of having a free lifetime premium account to Zibbet? Third, twitter, blog, or send out a facebook announcement about this giveaway and leave a link in the comments here.

The giveaway will end on October 9th at 11:59 pm eastern time.


Image Credit: Hotel De Tize photo, Yellow Tulip skirt, Rhino wall decal, and Forest Lovers photo

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I would use a free lifetime premium account to list lots more jewelry items which I already have in stock. I would close accounts on other sites where I have to pay or have listing restrictions. I would love to concentrate on just the one site.
Thank you for the opportunity.
posted here: http://twitter.com/WEDUNITJewels
and here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wedunit-Jewels/156937899691?ref=mf

Wedunit Jewels

I would love to win a premium account on zibbet. I checked out the website and I think it would be a good opportunity for me to focus on driving traffic to a shop that I didn’t incur any fees from. It would be really nice to be able to pocket all the money I make to go back in to buying more supplies and things.


wow, a great opportunity..

I tweeted about it here:


Thanks for featuring my tiny lovers walking in the forest ! This giveaway is such a good idea !
I tweeted about it too 😉

Thanks !


I plan on joining Zibbet in the next week or two, so I would love to win a premium account! I’m getting my new line of products ready right now to open a shop there. I have another online shop which I will be closing to focus on my Zibbet shop. I especially love the fact that Zibbet is based in Australia as I’m from New Zealand and it’s great supporting a site that’s based Down Under 🙂

I tweeted about this offer here:

Faye Kilday

PS: Choosing my favorite item on Zibbet was hard… I loved so many things!!!
However, I think this Hand Blown Glass Holiday Ornament is especially beautiful:

Faye Kilday

I would sell my dolls and illustrations.


I have never heard of zibbet before. It looks like some amazing artists are on it. It is frustrating paying listing fees, especially when items expire and you have to pay a second time, plus get charged for a portion of your sales. I think I’ll have to sign up and start listing some of my dishtowels and other screen printed items on it.


My favorite thing when browsing through Zibbet is I love how everything is so easy on the eyes. I like the 25 free listings too!


I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to leave separate comments for each. But my second answer is I’d use the free account to list some of my origami pieces. I didn’t find any origami there at all. Thanks for the chance!:)


I would use the account to close my other accounts where I have to pay listing fees/higher monthly charges. It would be great to be able to avoid those excess fees & concentrate on one site!


I also posted the giveaway on Twitter


I don’t know if I can pick out a favorite, there are so many great things, but I love this print: http://www.zibbet.com/BlueDoorPhotography/artwork?artworkId=15741


I would to have the free account so that I would list my art and vintage together. I love the clean uncluttered look of Zibbet.

Great shops like:

Sharon Foster

My favorite shop is My Pooper Scooper:
http://www.zibbet.com/MyPooperScooper I love their treats and toys for dogs!


I would take advantage of a free lifetime account on Zibbet by using it to take my business to the next level. I want to not only have a fully fledged online vintage store, but I want to be a recognized name when it comes to vintage goods. I would love to have the opportunity to represent my business in another growing community and use it to network with other great businesses and people. I also think it would be a tremendous opportunity to be with an online service like Zibbet from their very beginnings and watch how they grow over the years. It would be an incredible opportunity to take part.


I have tweeted about this great giveaway here: http://twitter.com/vintagepicnic

Thanks for the awesome opportunity!


Oh, what a fabulous opportunity- and what a fabulous time to find this blog!

Winning this would really open up a world of opportunity for me to expand my two businesses, Pepperberry & Co. and Papers By Pepperberry. I have been on Etsy for a while, but have heard of and am inspired by Zibbet- I like the fact that it doesn’t take advantage of people who craft things by hand by only charging a flat rate per month.

Winning a Premium Account for life would really allow me to expand my current range. I have dreams of having a baby range, a larger travel range, patterns and a fabric range, but to have that many items in an Etsy store is financially unrealistic! Paying a flat rate would provide me with this freedom, and also allow me to focus my energy and the remainder of my limited finances on things like promotion.

I’m off to find my favourite item and tweet about this now… back soon 🙂

Sandra @ Papers By Pepperberry

Ok, I’m back 🙂 But of course I couldn’t decide on just one favourite, because so many handmade things are just gorgeous! So I settled on this beautiful Herbal Soap and this gorgeous Handmade Card. I love how natural they both are!

Thanks again for this opportunity!

xxx Sandra

Sandra @ Papers By Pepperberry

I tweeted too… and then crossed all my fingers and all my toes for luck!

Sandra @ Papers By Pepperberry


nice opportunity, thanks
one of my favorite is
very Brancusi-esque



I would love to have this bowl in my kitchen:


Deb - Two Cheeky Monkeys

If I won a free Zibbet account, I think my creativity would flourish as I would be more confident in creating and listing more “unique” and different pieces than I currently do. A free account would give me the freedom to try new techniques and new looks without fear.

Deb - Two Cheeky Monkeys

I would love to win the Zibbet premium account and list all my handmade paper goods including cards, tags and bookmarks. With the free premium, I can dedicate a portion of the sales to charity.

Richard Chan

First: I really like this seahorse necklace http://www.zibbet.com/pippijewelry/artwork?artworkId=14981.

Second: I would concentrate on my zibbet store. 🙂

Third: I tweeted about this here: http://twitter.com/Flufftail


Hi, I have just opened a premium account on zibbet to try it out it is http://www.zibbet.com/helen21 I have stores on 4 different sites and it is so hard to keep up and try to determine the best one. If everybody supports zibbet and some sales start coming in then it could be the ultimate handmade site and I for one would love the opportunity to concentrate on one store and make it work if a premium account was cost neutral then that would be fantastic. Helen


One of my favorites on zibbet:


Thanks for the chance to win.

I’ve been enjoying going through aMelancholyDwelling’s studio. I think this piece is really cool:


…and for my second chance to win:

I’ve been very impressed with Zibbet so far. The basic offering is really very good but a lot of features of the premium account would make my life easier (copying listings for example) and I’d like to customize my shop a bit more (only premium). Also, the Zibbet folks are coming out with new features (only for premiums) such as discounts which I think would be helpful for pushing sales. Thanks again,


Tweeted at http://twitter.com/nurturing


If I win a lifetime shop at Zibbet I’d be the happiest artist in the world. In Italy you don’t have any opporunity to show your art if not in galleries that gets most of the money of your sellings. Galleries mostly consider your works only if you are mad or in drug, sometimes if you are a tramp. This is why internet is the only window I can have, if I don’t sell here, I don’t sell at all.



This Florence-Earrings is so feminine and romantic. A good piece for daily wear.

Lily Poh

This is a great opportunity and I’m going for all three chances!
1) Here is my blog entry about the contest: http://bellamcbride.blogspot.com/2009/10/happy-monday-and-other-stuff.html
2) What would I do with a lifetime membership? What wouldn’t I do! I have so many crochet patterns that I would be able to list them all, plus include some of my finished crocheted pieces! I might also be able to include some of my felted pieces in my shop.
3) I’ve had my eye on this for quite awhile: http://www.zibbet.com/littlewaltz/artwork?artworkId=15330

Thank you =Zibbet and Paper n Stitch for a great opportunity!

Bella McBride

I love the patchwork pumkin.

Gayle Williams

“How would you take advantage of having a free lifetime premium account to Zibbet?”

I’ve been researching web “storefronts” for awhile now and keep being met with increasing frustration of user ability and just plain being taken advantage of. I keep receiving the Zibbet.com emails, looking thru samples of what you *can* do with it and I’m thoroughly impressed. Although I am sitting on top of quite a bit of inventory I just cannot afford to make the leap and pay for this, sadly. I’ve been trying to build with Zencart after I put thousands of dollars towards someone who just never followed through. I want a storefront that’s just ME…my product not just via etsy or another brand name that can be maintained by ME…not in the hands of someone else. It feels that Zibbet would be the way I could do this! 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to read my story…

Sara Morgan

“how would you take advantage of having a free lifetime premium account to Zibbet?”

Wow that’s an easy one. ! 🙂
Well first of all, I would list everything I have, so everyone on here in the crafty world could stock up and take advantage of my Great Wholesale prices, Daily Specials & Sales.
I would also be able to offer a lot of my goods and supplies at an even more affordable price. It’s a win win situation!!! Wouldn’t be just benefiting me… it would benefit the whole Zibbet community and draw in future Zibbeters as well.
I’m your pick… I know it! 😉


“how would you take advantage of having a free lifetime premium account to Zibbet?”

Wow that’s an easy one. ! 🙂
Well first of all, I would list everything I have, so everyone on here in the crafty world could stock up and take advantage of my Great Wholesale prices, Daily Specials & Sales.
I would also be able to offer a lot of my goods and supplies at an even more affordable price. It’s a win win situation!!! Wouldn’t be just benefiting me… it would benefit the whole Zibbet community, and draw in future Zibbeters as well.
Anyone in the Artesian Market place needs or can use what I sell.
I’m your pick… I know it! 😉


This is exciting! I think Zibbet is already a great place to find art and handmade goods. Some of my favorites:

If I had a free lifetime premium account, I’d use it as my principal online shop and list all the different things I do, handmade pendants, wirework, beadweaving, knitting, and crocheting.

I tweeted about this here: http://twitter.com/avisualmind/statuses/4630676053

Amy Som

This is such a great contest. What a wonderful opportunity you have provided! To answer your first question, I would love to go to a premium shop in order to list more of my Arab and Farsi items on Zibbet. Right now, I don’t feel that there is enough of a presence of a positive image of Arabs in the media and a Zibbet shop will allow me to help compact that image by showcasing lots more fun, colourful cards, fabrics, toys and household items in my shop.

Kay Tarapolsi

What a wonderful gift this would be! Too often decisions come down to cost and although $7 a month is a good price, it starts to add up and grow. A lifetime membership would insure my place on zibbet where I think the potential is huge and I am enjoying belonging.

All About The Buttons

Here is my tweet:

Kay Tarapolsi

Here is my fb update:

Kay Tarapolsi

and last but not least, here is my fav item on zibbet. They are so simple and beautiful and I’d get my whole house done this way if I could

Kay Tarapolsi

I have left a twitter! http://twitter.com/stitchingsuzie

Suzie jay sroka

I love Zibbet. I have a basic account, but could really use the perks offered in the premium account. What’s best about Zibbet is no fees to list or sell!


Here’s my fave:



twitter: http://twitter.com/dogdazzled


Hi there…
I just joined Zibbet under it’s free account, but would love the Premium site. I create a little bit of everything, from jewelry to headbands, tutus, fairy things, and a lil bling.
Would love to win this for sure!!


Please enter me in the contest.
I love these earrings:

I am currently making the switch from Etsy to Zibbet so I can have items up for a longer period of time without having to pay to re-list them. What a great site! I’m so glad I found it. I often use my Etsy site as a catalog for people who want to preview jewelry items before they come to one of my home parties. Then after they’ve bought from me in person, they often go back to the Etsy site for items they wished they had bought! A premium account on Zibbet would allow me to post a lot more items and give people a better idea of the variety of my pieces, since my jewelry is one-of-a-kind, I have a lot more than just 25 styles.


Wondering around Zibbet, I found BEADornedJewelry…lovely shop!


If I had a lifetime premium membership..I’d list my prints, handmade books, collages, small jewelry bits and ACEOS 🙂

I’d be able to update it often if it’s free 😉


If I had a lifetime premium membership, I would host my daughter’s lovely artwork (prints, collages, jewelry, paintings etc.). She is humble and inspires me to create and I would love to work as a team with her on Zibbet! Thanks!


I found so many wonderful items…My favorite is on Terrabella, the Playa – Round Pine Needle Basket w/ Coconut Shell.
Thanks for putting me in touch with so many sites!


I signed up for Zibbet about a week or two ago, and having a premium account for life would solve a lot of financial issues I am having with my other shops. I have absolutely tons of inventory that I haven’t listed yet due to the fact that I cannot afford it on top of all the other investments I am making for holiday consignment and shows.

There are so many fantastic items there, but this one is one of my favorites: http://www.zibbet.com/Snotbubble/artwork?artworkId=7212

I also Tweeted about this! http://twitter.com/sleipnirdesigns

Sleipnir Designs

I tweeted about this giveaway here:


LaDy LaDuke

Love these: http://www.zibbet.com/MademoiselleMermaid/artwork?artworkId=15662

Love this:


Love these: http://www.zibbet.com/ignisfatuus/artwork?artworkId=14159

LaDy LaDuke

I have 3 handmade artisan shops, and three times the overhead, especially with Etsy. Each shop has its niche though, and I want to keep them all, and have as much presence online as I can possibly manage. Zibbet in particular is my connection to the Aussie and New Zealand Mums customers, with whom I network, and our Zibbet Shop offers special opposite season sections just for them. If I can make enough sales on Zibbet with no cost, I can make up for the higher costs on my other Shops! Plus I love Zibbet, and what it offers! It’s my absolute favorite of the three.

LaDy LaDuke

Hi, Just listed items in my new Zibbet shop about a week ago…. I would love to load a lot of creations if I won the premium account for a liftime… I do like to “dart with art” lizards do that you know…
I could create in so many directions and list them all!
Thank you for this chance to win a great prize. The Zibbet team seems like such a personable group and they are sure trying to make it possible for us to create and sell and keep it reasonable for the buyers. EVERY BODY WINS.


I already have a basic shop & loving it but, as a struggling artist, I’d love the opportunity to sell my work without any fees at all for life in a premium shop that displays my wares to their best advantage

here’s another artist I admire


Renate Kirkpatrick

tweeted your awesome give away here



I love the elegant simplicity of this polymer ring by thecharmlady :

I have a basic zibbet account and would love to have a free lifetime account. How exciting!

claire maunsell

I would take advantage of a free account on zibbet by using it as a testing forum for things I’m not entirely sure about. I would love to grow with zibbet and it’s beautiful face on the world!

claire maunsell

I tweeted about your great offer here:


claire maunsell

If I get this free lifetime premium account I would take advantage of it by actually using it. I now have an account with Zibbet, but not the premium one, and so I have a limited amount of listings. If I get this I will be able to list a lot more, and offer a more varied collection of photos (I sell photography prints)

Tali Schiffer

I would like a free lifetime account to take advantage of all the premium features available at Zibbet. Thanks for the chance.


Just submitted this giveaway on my facebook fan page.


Just Tweeted http://twitter.com/HypnosisNewYou


I tweeted here too http://twitter.com/hypnosischange


I love A Melancholy Drawings shop!


I love this hair adornment!

If I have a premium account, I would…
fulfill my dreams of setting up a shop full time, and being able to offer a variety of items. It will also enable me to pass on discounts to my customers as there are no fees incurred. I would also use part of the savings to support the Cancer Association, something that I believe in.


My favorite item I found on Zibbet: http://www.zibbet.com/sudlow/artwork?artworkId=18507

Also, I would benefit greatly from a free account on Zibbet as then I would be able to keep my full line of over 500 switch plates listed at all times for my buyers. On Etsy I can only afford to keep about 200 switch plates listed for sale.


I would LOVE to sell my vintage sewing patterns on Zibbet with a premium Lifetime account! I’m definitely going to check out the free trial — thank you!

Serendipity Vintage

I think that Zibbet is learning a lot from other sites. It looks like they are eager to make the site what the users want it to be. This means it will be way easier to use for both buyer and seller. I can’t wait to get more items up! This is my favorite item so far – Its a Picasso-asaur!


What I would do with a premium account is to use that extra I’ll be saving from listing and dues to create a simple way to donate to different causes. Like a certain percentage of some items would go towards whichever cause they would like. The first cause I’m trying out is Kiva.com.

I tweeted it too!


Just tweeted

good luck everyone 🙂


If I had the money I think I would buy this ring. http://www.zibbet.com/kalicatJewelry/artwork?artworkId=16915 It is beautiful!

If i had a free account, I would finally start an online shop. I haven´t been able to decide so far between etsy and dawanda.


I would use the free lifetime account to make my Zibbet shop my main shop. I would do my best to drive lots of traffic to it and to Zibbet.


I took a look at Zibbet and I can totally switch to it – the main reason – I read on Zibbet’s blog about their improvement – they are very oriented to good programming and I LOVE good programming! (I worked with programmers a lot) Seems like they are improving everything all the other shops forgot! (I love the “on sale” option – every seller wants that!) + I like they are not a huge mechanism with too many people around it – a good chance to do things fast and efficient! I hope Zibbet has a “suggestion box” 🙂
Congratulations guys!

And I tweeted about it!


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