Where to Buy Art: My Favorite Sources for Artwork

By Brittni • Updated on 02/15/2024

If you’ve been searching online for where to buy art, this post is for you! I’ve rounded my favorite / best art sources for cool pieces (originals and prints).

Gallery wall of artwork in modern dining room.

Where to buy art? A question I love to answer! Artwork is one of my favorite subjects around here.

In the last couple years especially, I’ve been getting asked more and more about where I source the artwork we have in our home.

Must have something to do with the huge stack of artwork I almost always have piled up on the floor somewhere. Haha.

So, today I’m sharing ten of my favorite places (online) to buy artwork, along with some of my favorite artists.

Painting of a bird that says 'fly to Tokyo', hanging in a child's nursery.

Gallery wall of artwork hanging over modern crib in a neutral nursery.

Online Sources for Cool Art

1. Fine Little Day

Almost all of the artwork I hung in Hayes’ room is from Fine Little Day.

The soccer field print (which is the one I get asked  about most whenever I share his room on IG), the bunny print, the squirrel, and the the Tokyo bird.

Recently, I bought a few more pieces from Fine Little Day as well (for other parts of our home). An abstract piece for our bedroom and one for the dining room. Gas Poster and Takes Time to Pass (both by Gothenburg-based artist Daniel Götesson, also known as EKTA).

P.S. Also, check out Mogu Takahashi. I found Takahashi’s work through Fine Little Day and LOVE everything she does. We have several of her prints in Hayes’ room and I just picked up a dog print of hers for the living room. Playful pieces that my whole family loves.

Black and white, modern abstract artwork hanging in a living room with a large fiddle leaf fig tree.

2. Block Shop Textiles

Outside of Fine Little Day, the other art question I get asked most is where this piece (above) is from. And it’s from Block Shop Textiles.

I LOVE their woodblock prints. Honestly would love to own almost every single piece they have!

3. Tappan

Amazing resource for finding beautiful prints and originals.

I have found many artists through this site that I didn’t know of before. And I can honestly say, there aren’t any pieces I’ve found through Tappan that I wouldn’t love to own.

The quality of the work is top notch.

4. Kiko Print Studios

I’m pretty excited about Kiko Print Studios. It’s the brainchild of Kesslyr Dean, who makes amazing home decor pieces (pillows, napkins, throws, etc) and her husband.

I have a bunch of her pillows and used one of her throws (with her permission) to make a giant piece of artwork for the entryway in our last rental.

Remember it? I added a DIY art highlight on stories so you can see how I made it (its 6 ft tall).

Anyway, Kiko Print Studios is Kesslyr’s newest venture and there are so many cool prints in the shop. And some great pieces for kid’s rooms too. My current faves are Line Dot, Petals, and Snake.

Abstract black and white line drawing hanging in modern living room.

5. The Poster Club

I have a couple of prints from The Poster Club (this Bycdesign Studio print and Hein Studio print).

They have SO many cool prints and they also offer framing if you want to get everything done at once.

I just ordered the prints and made my own frames. I have an Instagram highlight for my wood frames tutorial if you’re interested.

Abstract artwork hanging in organic modern living room with bookshelf.

6. Juniper Print Shop

The thing I love most about Juniper Print Shop is that you can get any print that they carry either printed and mailed OR in digital form.

When I’m buying prints, that aren’t limited editions, I almost always prefer digital prints because then I get them immediately in my inbox and can send the file to Framebridge for framing and they’ll print it and frame it for you. So easy (and fast)!

I have the Trails print from Juniper in my living room. The artist is Candace Wiant.

7. Etsy

Etsy feels like an obvious site to include in this art resources list, but I had to include it.

Because there are so many talented artists and artisans on Etsy.

8. Leif

Leif has some great smaller prints, from independent artists.

And the selection is varied, so whether you like neutral stuff or colorful options, there is something for everyone.

9. Hotel Magique

I have the Wake Up / No Thank You print set hanging in the hallway by the guest room.

They’re cheeky and cute – just like Hotel Magique.

10. Upton

Upton is a great resource for artwork.

I love the canvas prints especially – cool color combos and abstract imagery.

Colorful abstract artwork hanging in a simple, modern bedroom. Abstract artwork hanging in minimal guest room with mid-century desk.

Artists I Love

A while back I shared a list of 17 amazing female artists that I absolutely love.

So be sure to check that list out, which is more comprehensive.

Since this post is getting a little long, I’m just going to share a few artists here…

Abstract artwork piled and leaning against a wall in modern home.

And that’s it for now! Where are your favorite resources for cool / unique artwork? I’d love to hear.

P.S. I get asked pretty regularly about where I get my frames from for all of my artwork. So much so, that I created a super detailed blog post about all the modern frames I use for artwork, with sources, specific measurements I look for, etc.

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