11 Steps to Resort Decor: How to Bring Vacation Vibes Home When You Can’t Get Away

By Brittni • Updated on 02/15/2024

When you can’t go on vacation, bring the vacation to you.

dining table in modern home with giant palm fronds in a vase on the table

It might be because I’m long overdue for a tropical vacation, but all I can think about lately are all the incredible resorts on my dream getaway list.

And how much I could go for a week of room service while cozied up in a plush bathrobe on my private balcony overlooking crystal blue waters. Anyone else?

While it’s not possible for me to fly across the world to some fancy island bungalow right now, it is possible to channel some of those vacation vibes in my home.

11 Steps to Resort Decor: How to Bring Vacation Vibes Home When Getting inspiration from Hotel San Christobal. 11 Steps to Resort Decor: How to Bring Vacation Vibes Home When You Can't Get Away #resortdecor #rattan #tropicalrug

Having just moved into a new place, it seems like an ideal time to incorporate some of those soothing yet vibrant “Resort Decor” elements right at home.

This trend is everywhere, and it’s totally attainable, especially with these 11 ideas to get you well on your way to that resort life.

So give me all the tropical plants, airy textiles, and rattan chairs (like the ones from Hotel San Cristobal) please, because this girl is in need of a vacation, even if it has to be found in the comfort of her own home.

white hanging chairs on front porch of beach cottage

1. Bring the outdoors in. (Above)

Introduce more pieces made of natural fibers, and use outdoor furniture, indoors.

Try a nice set of cane hanging chairs like these from Serena & Lily (which kind of remind me of my trip to Turks and Caicos), a woven hammock, or bamboo day bed. Although, I’m pretty sure I’d never get any work done if I had these hanging chairs at home.

(Image via Serena & Lily)

white stairs in Greece with colorful geometric pillows

2. Refresh with tropical textiles.

Pair your rattan and bamboo with tropical, tribal, or airy textiles for the ultimate resort experience.

Think resort wear for your furniture.

(Image via SFGirlbyBay)

Large modern living room with eclectic artwork and herringbone floors

3. Add some oversized wall art.

I always notice the large art installs at hotels and resorts, so of course I’m adding this to the list.

A large print over the bed or tapestry in living spaces keeps the room feeling dramatic but not too overwhelming, which for me is what resorts are all about.

(Image by Heidi Lerkenfeldt via SFGirlByBay)

Tropical wallpaper in hotel lobby with pink sectional sofa

4. Give your walls the island treatment.

Put up some tropical wallpaper, or go for natural finishes like grasscloth or warm plaster.

Of course I’m a fan of this banana leaf wallpaper seen during my last stay at The Dwell Hotel in Chattanooga.

It definitely adds a little island glam, even in a Tennessee mountain city.

dining room in white room with tropical style

5. Go big with houseplants.

Another option for bringing the outdoors in…Oversized plants have “fancy resort” written all over them.

Add some larger varieties to your houseplant collection and throw in some oversized pots and planters to really pull off this look.

Bird of paradise, banana trees, and dracaena are all great options.

(Image by  Jason Busch via Inside Out)

Black and white room with tall ceilings and white linen bedding on a comfy bed with wood accents

6. Use crisp white linens.

Everywhere, all the time. Need I say more?

Sure, nobody wants to steam their linens every, so opt for fabrics that wear wrinkles well, and forgo the need for in-house room service.

Also, don’t be afraid to add in some tropical hues to avoid things looking to stark and sterile.

Someone needs to research how they get their linens so white and so smooth!

(Image by Indie Home Collective via Domino)

White room with tall ceilings and vintage striped rug and canopy bed

7. Go big with a canopy bed.

Nothing says Mykonos island resort like a canopy bed adorned with airy fabrics – just switch out mosquito nets for something a little more indoor-appropriate.

I still think I’m going to need to go to Mykonos, though and San Giorgio might be the place to go…who’s in?

(Image via DesignHotels)

white built in bench with wicker lamp and mudcloth pillows

8. Set the mood with soft lighting.

I’m a huge light person.

Whether it’s in the form of dappled sunlight pouring in a window, or a set of moody bedside sconces, the way light fills a space can often dictate my mood.

I mean, I think it’s safe to say that no one feels their most glamorous after walking into a fluorescent-lit hotel room, right?

So when your space isn’t being drenched in soft natural light, it’s important to bring in light fixtures that help flatter, not offend.

Try a pair of low-light wall sconces or an oversized natural fiber pendant like this one at Casa Cook Rhodes for an effortless resort feel.

(Image by Georg Roske via Annabell Kutucu)

Minimal bathroom with free-standing bathtub and wood slat wall covering

9. Give your bathroom the spa treatment.

We can’t all have fancy indoor/outdoor bathrooms overlooking the Adriatic, or giant soaking tubs with custom oak backsplashes, but whatever your budget allows, adding some spa-like features is a must.

Trade in your generic shower fixtures for a rain shower head, throw in some bamboo bath mats, and splurge on a new set of towels if you can.

Or go all out with some terrazzo tile and top of the line vanity lighting if you really want to do it right.

Honestly, if money were no thing (and I had a more private yard) I’d be adding “build an outdoor shower” to this list, too…Is that too much to ask?!

(Image via Homes to Love)

Minimal modern bathroom with white tile backsplash and wood framed mirror

10. Create a signature scent.

Have you ever noticed how upscale resorts and spas tend to have a scent?

The One Hotel in Brooklyn, NY has a signature candle scent (that you can buy) that greets it’s guests every time they walk into the lobby.

And often times the signature scent carries itself into the room and bathroom through soaps and subtle room sprays.

To get this soothing sensation at home, use a diffuser, favorite candle, or something simple like a bundle of eucalyptus throughout each room. Just don’t go overboard! 

(Image via Sarah Sherman Samuel)

Minimal white bathroom with wall hooks and free-standing bathtub

11. Treat yourself to a bathrobe.

This isn’t necessarily a decor tip – more of a self-care tip.

Always have a bathrobe handy, maybe even one you purchased from your last resort vacay.

Resorts aren’t resorts unless they have monogrammed robes, right? Surfrider Malibu knows what’s up.

(Image via Carley Rudd)

What are you thoughts? What do you think about resort decor – bring it on home, or leave it in paradise?














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Your blog has a magical way of making complex topics accessible and enjoyable. Thank you for making learning such a delightful experience!

vishal singh

I was captivated when you mentioned that we should consider resort wear for our furniture. My sister wants to opt for shabby elegance decor. I should advise her to look for a store that sells a wide selection of home decor.

Victoria Addington

These are such good ideas! I love the swings and the outdoor patio furniture, it truly looks like you are in a resort!

Olivia J

I like that you talked about having large art installations in hotels and resorts, so it would be a good idea to have them at home as well. With that in mind, I will be looking for abstract acrylic artwork for myself now that I bought an apartment. It might be the item that I am lacking to complete the look of my living room.

Mia Evans

I love this! I want the resort vibe in my own home. Makes me feel I am on vacation all the time.

Amanda Singh

I love those bright textiles. We just returned from vacation, and I want to still be there. Bringing these into the home, would give me just the feel that I am missing. It may hold me over until we are able to get away again.

Shaylee Packer

Such a wonderful post! I love resort decor, I think it makes your space look so open + inviting:) Rattan and tropical prints are my go-tos for resort style! You have great ideas + inspiration and we I think we have similar taste! Keep up the great work! www.cloakenhagen.com


I love the ideas. Thank you so much for sharing this, can’t wait to try some of them for my home. Cheers!

Krystal Herrera

What an awesome post you got. Love these idea. Would give this resort decor DIY making idea a try. Thanks for sharing.


You reminded me about my stay at the Lake Austin Spa since they used the lavender scent. They also sold various lavender lotions and soaps. Truly refreshing! Love all your ideas!

Anne Rita Taylor

These are all so true – and I completely agree with the white linens and bathrobe!

Stacy Liz

I love all of these decor ideas! I love all of it.

Courtney Hardy

Glad to hear that Michelle.Always gotta have a good bathrobe right?! 🙂


I love these ideas, especially with the large houseplants, and the scent and above all the bathrobe! I have to get one right now…

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