How to Make Paint Palettes with Air Dry Clay

These DIY paint palettes are fun to make and may encourage kids (and adults) to break out the paints more often. 

Holding a white, handmade paint palette over a table, with paint in various colors on the palette

My son is big on crafting and especially loves anything related to painting. So, I made a handful of clay paint palettes that are just his size. They’re made of air dry clay, so there is no firing required. And it only takes a few materials (most of which you likely already have at home).

With summer break, this feels like the perfect project to tackle with kids (or a creative adult). And after everything is done and dry, it may even encourage them to paint more frequently. Click through for the tutorial.

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Painting Tile Floor (Tutorial)

Painting a tile floor is easier than you might think. And very budget-friendly.

Spa inspired bathroom with green cabinetry and white washed river rock floors

I’ve painted flooring before, but painting over river rock flooring like the one in our bathroom, felt like a completely different animal. I used a different paint from last time, to try something new. And also had a completely different process for painting this time around.

In the end, the painted floors turned out better than expected. Especially after this hack I figured out while I was working on the project. Wanna see the before and after photos, budget breakdown, and tutorial? Click through for all the details.

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Wood Serving Board DIY

This wood serving board was a diamond in the rough.

I found this wood serving board at TJMax for $6 and I loved the shape, but wasn’t a fan of the engraved flowers (or the pen drawing on it). I was pretty sure that, with some elbow grease, I’d be able to sand the engraving out of the wood. So I brought it home to give it a try. It took a little more work than I was expecting, but it worked! And now I have a simple, minimal serving board, in the perfect shape without the flowers. 

This would be a great project to try with thrift store finds as well, so click through if you want more details on how I sanded it down, what I tools I used, etc.

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DIY Redo: How to Make a DIY Pencil Holder

Is it a DIY pencil holder or a DIY makeup organizer? Idk, but either way, I like it.

Wood pencil organizer on wood desk with books and plants

Organization feels like a year round battle right now, at least in my house. So anything that helps bring a little order to the chaos is a win imo. Bonus points when it’s actually cute.

I made (well, remade) something to help keep smaller items (like pens, paint brushes, makeup brushes, eye liner) a bit more tidy. Admittedly, I’m not sure whether to call this project a DIY pencil holder or a makeup caddy. But either way, it’s so useful. And cute too.

Here’s the story… In the beginning of 2016, I made a little pen holder / makeup organizer thing with some scraps of wood. It got the job done, but looking back, it wasn’t exactly the cutest thing I’ve ever made. Or the most well crafted. Lol. I hadn’t been using power tools for all that long, at that point. So wood projects were still pretty new to me and it showed. Fast forward to now and I’m more confident working with wood and power tools, etc. 

So! I decided to reimagine that old project from way back, now that I have more experience.

The idea of remaking something of mine from the past has sparked a new series called DIY Redo. Today’s project is the first one. Here’s how it will work… I’ll share photos of the old project, alongside the newly updated – hopefully more elevated and skilled version (and a tutorial). Wanna see what the older version of this project looked like?

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36 Unique DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

DIY Mother’s Day gifts for every skill level and budget.

Roundup image of 6 DIY ideas for Mother's Day in home decor and fashion categories

If you’re looking for a last minute Mother’s Day gift, I have an idea…What if you make one, instead of buying something? I’m not taking about the cheesy gift ideas that you’re picturing right now. I mean DIY Mother’s Day gifts that she’ll actually love (and keep for a long time too).

I put together a list really cute DIY gifts for Mom, for every budget and skill level. So, if you’re thinking about making something, click through for thoughtful (and cool) Mother’s Day gift ideas…

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How to Make DIY Built In Bookshelves

How to make the DIY built in bookshelves that completely transformed our space.

A white room with wall to wall wood built-ins and wood floors in a living space with earthy eclectic accessories

This room has been the slowest to come together and as a result is now probably my favorite space in our whole house. A huge part of why I love it so much though, has to the bookcase / built-in. The warmth that has been added, between the hardwood floors and the bookcase, is night and day from where it started.

Aside from looking cute though, there was a lot of functionality that was needed for this piece too. For example, we needed plenty of room for records, books, and small decorative items (baskets too for organizing). And then also, we wanted some closed storage for the things that we didn’t want on display. 

Click through for the full budget breakdown of how much this project really cost us, how to make your own, and some mistakes we made along the way…

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An Organic Modern Living Room Reveal

This living room makeover is a little bit organic modern and a little bit transitional. It’s a room I designed and decorated at my mom’s house. Take a look…

White living room with neutral furniture and accessories

When my mom moved into her current house there was a space that she didn’t know what to do with – the main living room. This area is the very first thing you see you when you walk in the front door, so while it was unused, it was very visible and pretty much the dead center of the home.

To say thanks for all that she has done for us, I wanted to gift her a room makeover. And this was the room I ended up doing. So, today I’m sharing the full room makeover.

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