24 Delicious Healthy(ish) Recipes for Every Meal

24 delicious healthy recipes from over the years that have helped me get back into better eating habits.

Images of healthy recipe ideas for every meal

One of the #smallchangesinstead that I have on my list this year is (slowly) kicking bad food habits, by eating at least ONE healthier meal per day.

The idea is that one healthy meal will lead to another and another. But to start, the goal is just one a day, which feels like a solid baby step toward making bigger changes in the long run. Anyone else feel like they could use a fresh approach to healthy meals?

I’ve rounded up 24 delicious healthy(ish) recipes to make it as easy as possible to get started. And this list is filled with the good stuff! I’m not talking about calling it a day with a boring salad over here. There are smoothie bowl ideas, muffin recipes, mini flatbread pizzas, tacos…even desserts! And they’re all categorized by meal too: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

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Rug Thug: How to Choose the Right Rug + 24 Really Cool Rugs to Get you Started

On the hunt for really cool rugs? Here are 24 options that might just fit the bill AND plenty of tips for finding the perfect one.

A new rug for our living room was at the top of my list for months. If you follow along on my Instagram, you know that is true. And once I found the perfect one (number 2 on the list), I realized what an impact a great rug could make in a space. Even if nothing else has changed.

So, I rounded up 24 mostly neutral but still very cool rugs to (hopefully) make your rug search a little bit easier.

Knowing where to find the rug of your dreams is kinda only half the battle. So I also included my top tips for how to pick a rug, what size you’ll need, even whether or not you actually need a rug pad that companies are always trying to add on to your order.

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Get Organized: 37 Super Awesome DIY Organization Ideas for Your Home

Talking DIY organization (for your home) today! 

Photos of DIY organizational ideas in the home

The need for organization is real right now. And I don’t know if it’s because I’m on an organizing kick after making my DIY standing desk or I just have a messy house in need of attention. But either way, sometimes you just need a clean slate. Right?

I mean, remember how last year, everyone with a Netflix subscription was jumping on the Marie Kondo tidying up train? There’s a reason for that! Getting organized feels like more than just tidying up. It feels like taking control of your life. Kinda. I think? Stay with me!

Whether you’re on some deeper quest to gain control OR you really just want to organize your craft room, bedroom, bathroom, etc – this list is for you!

It’s filled with accessible ideas that will help you get it together – a big list of DIY organization ideas. Here are 37 home organization ideas that you can totally DIY – from clothing racks to hanging wall organizers, trays, and jewelry stands!

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Stand Up: A DIY Standing Desk (Ivar Ikea Hack)

Because Ikea hacks are kind of the best, today I’m sharing a DIY standing desk (IVAR Ikea hack) that has completely transformed my workspace at home.

Organic modern office with lots of wood details

After making this DIY desk a while back, I had all these ideas for another. BUT I also already had not one but TWO desks in my workspace at home, so it didn’t really feel like the ‘right’ time to add another.

The problem with those old desks though were that neither one of them had any storage whatsoever, so it didn’t take long to realize I needed to come up with a better solution that would help organize and consolidate the clutter AND look better than what I currently had.

That’s where this Ikea hack desk was born. It’s highly functional, with plenty of storage, but doesn’t take up too much room. Plus, it’s the perfect height imo between a standing desk and a regular sitting desk. So you can do both! Tuck in a counter stool (or something similar) when you want to stand and pull it out when your legs need a rest.

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Small Changes: Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Reusable Dish Scrubber

Continuing on with more eco-friendly projects, and a year of #smallchangesinstead, today I’m sharing an eco-friendly dish scrubber you can make while you’re streaming a movie. 

Scrubbing dishes under the sink with a natural DIY scrubber

I don’t know if I ever thought I’d own a kitchen scrubber that is cute enough to take a picture of? But guess what, I do! And today I’m sharing how you can make your own.

Did I mention it’s also made from just one supply AND that supply/material is natural, sustainable, biodegradable / compostable, and super affordable?!

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New Series: 12 Months of Small Changes

small changes

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish this year, and what’s come up over and over again in my mind is the desire to slow down and work on small things. This sentiment flows into nearly every area of my life (business, home, personal wellbeing, the wellbeing of this planet). ALL OF IT!

So, 2020’s year long series is based on exactly that. And it’s called 12 Months of Small Changes.

The idea is that through a series of small changes, BIG things will happen. AND will ultimately be more sustainable long term than immediately tackling something huge and getting burnt out.

Throughout the year, I’ll be sharing small, attainable changes, that all of us can work on (not just me) that will eventually add up to much more than something small. I’m really excited about the possibilities, but ultimately, this series will not be a success without you!

Read on to see what I mean…

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Homebodies Unite: Cool Decor Essentials for Winter and How To Style Them

When winter is keeping you indoors, but you still want cute stuff. 

It was so incredibly cold this weekend that I could barely be convinced to go outside at all, minus one very chilly park trip with a toddler who desperately needed to get out of the house.

If you need me, I’ll be bundled up indoors for the foreseeable future…or at least until it gets warm again. Which means, I may need a handful of winter essentials to get me through.

So, I’ve rounded up the coolest (haha) winter decor essentials I could find and am sharing them all today. Along with tips for what to look for and how to style them in your home. SO much good stuff crammed into this winter essentials post.

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