DIY Easter Bath Bombs

These Easter bath bombs are even easier than they sound! Not your typical bath bomb.

Bath salt mixtures inside plastic Easter eggs with flowers

When my brother and I were little, my mom would set up a part of the house with streamers, and make these elaborate little Easter baskets for the two of us, with our favorite candy and little gifts – nail polish and lip gloss for me, mini sketchbooks and markers for my bro. And it was something that I always looked forward to, even as I grew out of the whole Easter bunny phase (who doesn’t like getting gifts?!).

Now that I’m older, and making my own traditions, I’m finding that I want to create some of those little moments for other people during the holidays. No baskets needed –  just something small to say I was thinking of them. So, I came up with an idea for DIY spa eggs that I thought would be really easy to whip up. Would be a cute Easter gift for friends and moms especially.

With some homemade bath salts (tutorial after the jump) and plastic Easter eggs, I made a few batches and wanted to share the results them with you too, just in case you want to make your own. I have a few different bath salt recipes to choose from. Click through for the details.

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Zero Dollar DIY: Let’s Make DIY Wall Art from a Cereal Box

DIY wall art that doesn’t cost ANY money at all to make? YES!

Red and blue artwork stacked on top of other DIY art on a table with art supplies

Today, I’m launching a new series called Zero Dollar DIY and this is the very first project in that series. It’s a DIY wall art idea that involves cereal boxes and one other material (I found in one of my son’s craft baskets).

The idea behind this series is to make something cool / cute / useful without spending ANY money at all. Nothing. It’s mostly to prove to myself that I can make things without spending money on something new. And the rules are: I can only use things that I find laying around my house (no cheating) and ideally those items are things that you’ll have in your home as well. Like, cereal boxes for example. We all have something like that in the pantry, right?

Because of the materials I’m using for this project, the art pieces will be on the smaller side. But you could easily use some other material to make them larger if you like. And with some of the smaller scrap pieces, I was able to create some really tiny squares that I turned into a patchwork at the end as well. So there is a lot that can be done with such a simple material.

P.S. My four year old even made a handful on his own that turned out pretty cool. So ANYONE can make these. Click through to see all the art pieces I made from just a handful of boxes I plucked from our recycling bin.

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The Complete Guide to Making Soy Candles

Once you learn how to make soy candles, you’ll make them forever. I started in 2014 and am still making them to this day.

Homemade candles in handmade pottery containers

Over the years, I’ve made DIY soy candles many times – as gifts for friends, family, and myself. Great Mother’s Day and Christmas gift ideas especially! And one of the reasons I love it so much is bc the process of making soy candles is much easier than it seems. Like MUCH easier.

It’s one of those things that once you learn, you’ll always make them when you find yourself with some wax and a pretty container to use. And because I recently stumbled on a ton of beautiful, tiny, pottery pieces that would be perfect for candle containers, I made a big batch for my son’s teachers and staff at his school. They were a huge hit and I managed to snag a few photos before I gave them all away. So I figured this tutorial was ready for a long overdue update, with new candle making tips, new photos, and a pretty drastic side by side of the very first candles I made and what I make now.

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101 of the Best DIY Gifts for Everyone on Your List

DIY gifts for anyone and everyone! There are so many amazing ideas here, that you can still make in time for Christmas.

Image of 12 DIY gift ideas for people with different interests

Wanted to put together a really big list of DIY gift ideas for the holidays before it gets too late. While there is still plenty of time to actually make one (or a few) of these DIY ideas.

I may have gotten a little carried away but there are so many good DIY gift ideas out there. I just couldn’t stop adding stuff. 101 projects to be exact! With this many ideas, you’re bound to find something to make for a friend or family member this holiday season. Right?

So roll up those sleeves and open up that crafting drawer. Here are 101 really good DIY gift ideas for the holiday season.

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How to Make Plaster Ornaments (DIY)

Can the texture of plaster ornaments be beat? Idk to be honest.

Painted textured ornament shaped like a square being held in hand

Plaster ornaments two ways! So…I made these plaster ornaments back in 2021, and took pictures and everything, but never posted a tutorial because it was so close to Christmas when I made them. An it just felt too late.

Anyway, when I got them out again a year later, to hang them on the tree, I felt like they needed something else. So I spent the day painting them with a few colors I already had in the closet. And thought they turned out fun. Very painterly vibes too these now. Kind of like the ornament version of a paint palette or an abstract painting.

Not sure which version I like better. But either way, here’s how I made plaster ornaments (two ways)…

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Our Bedroom Upgrade with Brooklinen

My favorite bedding is on sale right now! So our bedroom just got an upgrade.

I’ve tried many bedding brands over the years, but there is one that I keep going back to. Because they’re just that good. And it’s Brooklinen.

I have been a fan of Brooklinen a long time now – first tried their sheets in 2016. And right now, Brooklinen is running their biggest sale of the year, so we got some new bedding to spruce things up (got the classic hardcore sheet bundle).

But beyond the bedding, there are many other things to love. Did you know Brooklinen also carries furniture, rugs, decor, gifts, bath related items, etc? Click through for the sale details and a peek into the recent changes we’ve made in our primary bedroom. Including the white oak DIY nightstands I just finished up that I haven’t shared anywhere else yet…
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Closet Makeover: From Cluttered to Cool

It’s a closet makeover! And I promise, it’s not as boring as it sounds.

White wall shelves styled minimally with ceramics and quirky artwork

We all have that closet or two that could really use some help…and maybe even a makeover. In our house, it’s the guest bedroom closet. Probably because it was the least used room in our house, when we moved in. So we just shoved whatever we could in there, and forgot about it for a while.

But slowly, it’s become a space that we actually use. For guests, when they come to visit, obviously. But also for us as a family – nap time for Hayes when we need a change of scenery, tv time when we want to lay down (since we don’t have a tv in our primary bedroom), etc.

And because that closet doesn’t have a door, the cluttered vibe was really starting to get depressing. It was TAKING OVER! That’s how this closet makeover came about. I carved out some time to clean everything out, donate what we didn’t need, brought some larger stuff to storage, and painted the walls and ceiling to match the rest of the room (Chantilly Lace from Benjamin Moore).

With the clean slate,  I was able to bring back in only what we needed in here. Now, the closet feels like a part of the room – with functional storage space AND cute decor type things. It’s a balance.

Click through for all the before and after photos and sources links.

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