The Easiest Smoothie Bowls (Only 2 Ingredients)

You’ve gotta try this easy smoothie bowl recipe! It’s only two ingredients.

Pink smoothie bowl with fruit and nuts lined up in bowl.

A couple of years ago, I got really addicted to smoothie bowls. Mostly because they’re so easy…and well….Instagram worthy. Haha. And this recipe is both of those things – literally the easiest breakfast idea (only two ingredients for the base) and so pretty!

I asked my friend Alejandra from Hell Yeah Gluten Free to share her smoothie bowl secrets with you. She makes the prettiest / most delicious smoothie bowls I’ve had. And today I’m sharing her recipe base, along with TONS of additional flavor combos.

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11 Tips for Book Shelf Styling Like a Pro

Book shelf styling 101.

Styled book shelf in organic modern loft space.

Three words. Book shelf styling.

Whether they’re built-in shelves you’re looking to fill, or the extra shelving you need for book storage, there are plenty of ways to go about filling and styling your book shelves.

I’ve been there before. It can feel a bit overwhelming staring at 6 rows of empty shelves just begging for books, plants, and pretty accessories, but I’ve put together a list of 11 helpful tips / ideas for styling shelving that fit the categories of form AND function.

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Before and After: Fireplace Makeover

My latest fireplace makeover! And it didn’t cost me a dime.

painted white fireplace with many plants and books, iim a living room space

Today’s fireplace makeover is making me super happy because it not only brightened up this space, it also didn’t cost me any money whatsoever! Let me go back to the beginning for a second though…

So! The fireplace was probably the very first thing I noticed when we walked through our house for the first time (before we owned it, for a showing). It seemed gigantic, especially for the size of the room. But I loved that it made a statement. I didn’t, however, love the look of all the grey stone. Especially in combination with the grayish-toned flooring.

Fast forward past first impressions, to actually making an offer on the house and then buying it, and I knew I’d want to make some changes to this front room pretty quickly. And since the fireplace was one of the first things you see when you walk in the front door, it was even more important (to me) for it to feel more like something I would have chosen(ish).

In the future, we plan to actually resurface the fireplace, make it all very smooth, and bump out the mantle to accommodate big plants, stacked artwork, books, etc.

But for now, we were able to achieve almost everything I want in that future renovation with a gallon of paint and a full day of painting. AND (bonus) once all the painting was finished, I figured out a way to add a bunch of plants, books, and artwork anyway. Even without a deeper mantle. So, this before and after fireplace makeover feels like a big win for me.

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Where to Buy Art: My Favorite Sources for Artwork

If you’ve been searching online for where to buy art, this post is for you! I’ve rounded my favorite / best art sources for cool pieces (originals and prints).

Gallery wall of artwork in modern dining room.

Where to buy art? A question I love to answer! Artwork is one of my favorite subjects around here.

In the last couple years especially, I’ve been getting asked more and more about where I source the artwork we have in our home. Must have something to do with the huge stack of artwork I almost always have piled up on the floor somewhere. Haha.

So, today I’m sharing ten of my favorite places (online) to buy artwork, along with some of my favorite artists.

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Peach Cocktails Perfect for Summer (Recipe)

Peach cocktails that scream summer! An easy farm to table recipe…

Adding a peach garnish to a frozen cocktail.

It’s starting to feel like summer around here, so I thought I would revisit an old favorite peach cocktail recipe that involves fresh farm peaches, a color blocked puree, and (of course) alcohol. It’s like a beautiful looking alcoholic slushie. What’s not to love?!

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We Bought a House (Empty House Tour)

If you follow along on Instagram you already know this, but…We bought a house!

Image of empty kitchen with minimal wood cabinets and green natural stone counters.

I have wanted to buy a house again for SOOOOO long! And it took us a long time to get here. But now, I can officially say, WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! In this insane market (especially in Southern California), I feel like this is something to be pretty excited about. But also, even the market wasn’t insane right now, I’d be very excited because that means I’m about to have projects galore. And I’m so pumped about it.

That said, there’s a lot of work to be done in our new place, and changes have already started. So I figured it would be a good time to share all of the before photos of our new home.

Wanna see? Click through for all the photos.

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Unpaper Towels: How to Make Reusable Paper Towels with Fabric Scraps (Two Ways)

Thinking of making the swap to unpaper towels? Honestly, it’s easier than you think and you can make your own reusable paper towels in 15 minutes! 

A stack of unpaper towels made of fabric scraps in 15 minutes or less.

I made the switch to unpaper towels in 2018 and it has been WAY easier to keep up with then I thought it would be. Here’s what happened…

A few years ago, I woke up one day and was suddenly grossed out by all the paper towels we were using in our family. I’m not sure what it was, but that day something clicked and I realized that (at least for us) cutting down on paper towel usage OR eliminating it all together was a small thing we could do in our home to help reduce waste.

So, I mentioned it to Jeff and put the paper towels we already had under the sink for the weekend, just to see if we could actually do it. I mean, it didn’t seem like it would be that hard. BUT at the same time, paper towels are so convenient and we really used them out of habit for pretty much everything from cleaning and spills to wiping down Hayes’ face after meals.

Long story short, we tried it that weekend and never looked back. It was honestly way, way easier than I thought it would be to make the switch. And one of the key reasons why it was so easy was because we already had what we needed to get started: dishcloths, and lots of them.

But then I got to thinking, what if you don’t have any dishcloths handy already (or you only have a couple) to make the switch easier. And that’s how these DIY reusable paper towels came about. I say ‘paper towels’, but they’re actually made of fabric – no paper at all. Even better than being made of fabric though, they’re made of fabric scraps to further eliminate waste AND help anyone who’s interested, get started right now…in 15 minutes (or less)!

Did I mention there are two version of these DIY reusable paper towels as well – a sewn version AND a no-sew version! Click through for both tutorials and let me know what you think.

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