Totally Stuffed: 50 Cool Stocking Stuffers Under $25 for Everyone on Your List

Cool stocking stuffers (that are also affordable) are easier to find than you think!

Roundup of small gift ideas for different people on your holiday list.

Finding cool stocking stuffers that are also affordable? Nt always easy. But good news, you don’t even have to do the work this year because I’ve rounded up a ton of unique stocking stuffer ideas that are super affordable, for everyone on your list!

There are stocking stuffers for men, stocking stuffers for women, stocking stuffers for kids, stocking stuffers for toddlers, even stocking stuffers for baby. And every single item on this list is under $25!

So whether you’re using these stocking stuffer ideas as actually stocking fillers OR just as an affordable option for presents this year, this list has you covered with 50 budget-friendly gifts (that are also small enough to fit in a stocking just in case).

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Side Swept Chignon Hair Tutorial

Beautiful, side swept chignon hair! Plus a DIY hair accessories that takes it to the next level.

Woman wearing messy, side swept chignon hair style

Chignon hair, don’t care! Today’s hair tutorial for a messy side swept chignon is actually a twofer because I’ve also included a quick tutorial for my new favorite statement piece… a copper DIY hair accessory that I am completely into. Hope you will be too.

Here’s the story… I’ve been seeing giant metal circles popping up a lot lately in jewelry and love the minimal look. So, I decided to create a simple hair clip version that works perfectly with any updo.

Bonus! It costs less than $5 to make your own. AND looks great glammed up with a fancy dress (even for a wedding) or dressed down with a more casual outfit. Thumbs up in my book!

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How to Make a (Kids) Bird Costume for Halloween

A kids bird costume that even the most unexperienced crafter can make. Truly! It’s so easy.

Image of toddler wearing homemade bird costume for Halloween.

When it comes to DIY Halloween costumes, I almost always wait until what seems like the very last minute to make one. Anyone else?

This kids bird costume, however, was a little different. Sure, I was working on it until the very last possible minute (like 10 minutes before he put it on to walk out the door). BUT this time, I started making it much earlier than the day of. I would hand sew a little bit here, glue a little bit there. Just whenever I had a few minutes to spare.

I only mention that to say, that if you want to make a kids Halloween costume and feel like you don’t have time to make it, I’m right there with you. I just realized that if I started earlier and worked on it for little snippets at a time, I might actually get it done. And guess what? I did! And you can too! If you want to. If you’re not into DIYing something, no pressure! 

ANYWAY! In total, this homemade costume idea took less than two hours to make. And you could get that time down even further if you go the no sew route. Which I’ll share in the tutorial. Click through to see how I made this DIY bird costume for my toddler.

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Make and Bake: How to Make Check Print Bowls with Oven Bake Clay

Check print clay bowls that you can make in your oven.

Checkered print clay bowl resting on some table with plants.

I recently made some clay bowls in a neutral check pattern to play around with the check print trend in home decor. And I put together a detailed tutorial for the whole thing, if you wanna check it out. Lol.

Jokes aside, I’ve really been wanting to get back into some smaller DIY projects that I can finish in an afternoon. So I partnered with Sculpey and their line of innovative lightweight Soufflé clay to make these clay bowls for around the house.

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How to Paint Tile Floors (Porch Makeover)

Wanna learn how to paint floor tiles and transform your space on a budget? I’m sharing all the specifics today. It’s easier than you might think.

Modern front porch with painted tile floors and black exterior pant.

Painting tile floors is an easy, cost-effective way to completely transform a front porch, back patio, or even an indoor space.

And after buying our home, I knew I wanted to give it a try in at least one area: the front porch. The tile was stained in certain spots and just looked a little bland. Initially, I wanted to re-tile it all, but I thought I’d give painting it a try first. I figured it couldn’t hurt. If it didn’t work, I’d just move forward with new tile.

Now that the tile painting is complete (and we’ve had a few months of use to see how it would wear), I couldn’t be more thrilled with the decision. The paint has held up great and the pattern adds personality and style to an otherwise basic porch.

If you’ve ever wondered how to paint floor tiles in your own home, click through for the tutorial. Bonus! I have a cost breakdown so you know exactly what to expect.

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How Skylights Transformed Our Home

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about skylights! 

Hands down, the best decision we have made for our home, as of yet, has been getting VELUX skylights installed. THE BEST DECISION!

If you followed along on my stories when everything was being installed, you already know my excitement and the drastic transformation. But for those that don’t, I will tell you (and show you). I also have a saved highlight of the whole skylight install if you wanna check that out on IG.

The amount of natural light that we now have, thanks to the ten skylights we installed, has completely transformed our home. And I would recommend it to ANYONE that is thinking of renovating some aspect of their home. In fact, after seeing all of our skylights completed, and using the VELUX app to envision the placement, my mom has decided to have skylights installed in her new home too.

Wanna see some behind the scenes from the installation process and before and after photos? Keep reading!

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The Easiest Smoothie Bowls (Only 2 Ingredients)

You’ve gotta try this easy smoothie bowl recipe! It’s only two ingredients.

Pink smoothie bowl with fruit and nuts lined up in bowl.

A couple of years ago, I got really addicted to smoothie bowls. Mostly because they’re so easy…and well….Instagram worthy. Haha. And this recipe is both of those things – literally the easiest breakfast idea (only two ingredients for the base) and so pretty!

I asked my friend Alejandra from Hell Yeah Gluten Free to share her smoothie bowl secrets with you. She makes the prettiest / most delicious smoothie bowls I’ve had. And today I’m sharing her recipe base, along with TONS of additional flavor combos.

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