How to Make Fabric Bowls (Similar to Paper Mache but with Fabric Scraps)

It’s fabric paper mache! Use up those leftover fabric scraps for cute housewares that are also totally functional.

DIY fabric bowls stacked on top of each other.

On a day that I just really needed a creative project, I made a handful of fabric bowls with just a couple of supplies and some leftover fabric scraps. And loved how they turned out, so I shared them on Instagram and then you loved how they turned out too. So, I turned it into a blog post and here we are!

What I love most about these DIY fabric bowls is that they’re so easy to make, but also look pretty unique, if I do say so myself.

When you look at them, they seem like they’d be soft to the touch (especially the ones with visible fabric layers. But they’re actually hard to the touch and function great at bowls for office supplies, jewelry, makeup, etc. Basically anything that’s not food-related is fair game with these.

So, today I’m sharing the tutorial for DIY fabric paper mache bowls.

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How to Create Large Scale Artwork for Under $15

Large wall art projects like this one make it easy (and budget-friendly) to DIY your artwork instead of buying. And it looks great too!

Organic modern living room with ficus audrey and large scale abstract art.

It’s no secret that I love canvas projects around here and DIY art ideas too! So today I’m sharing a large wall art idea that I made back in 2018 and never shared. It’s held up great over the years.

And I’ve been asked about it so many times on Instagram, I thought it was probably time to create a tutorial. Especially since I finally found the original step by step photos. Haha.

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6 Eco Friendly Project Ideas to Help Reduce Your Waste (and Use What You Already Have)

Eco friendly projects to celebrate Earth Day and beyond.

A roundup of photos that show different eco friendly project ideas.

It’s Earth Day! So, today I wanted to share a handful of eco friendly projects that will help you reduce waste and make a small (but meaningful) impact overtime.

The best part about these DIY ideas though is that they all use items that you probably already have in your home. So, you (most likely) won’t have to buy a single thing to remake one of these eco friendly ideas.

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Quick Sewing Project: A Fabric Utensil Wrap for Reusables On the Go

Another quick sewing project, that’s also eco-friendly! Make a cute DIY utensil wrap in under an hour!

Cute utensil wrap, made of scrap fabric.

While it’s true that none of us are exactly ‘on the go’ these days, we will be one day…hopefully soon. So, I wanted to share another easy sewing project that can be completed in under an hour. A fabric scraps utensil wrap!

It’s eco-friendly, utilizing scrap fabrics and other remnants for the entire project. And will help you eliminate certain single-use plastics, like plastic silverware, straws, etc in favor of reusables that are tucked into it’s pockets. You can keep one in your car or in your purse, so you always have it with you.

Click through for this easy and quick sewing project for a DIY utensil wrap!

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How to Make Reusable Produce Bags in 15 Minutes

Reusable produce bags in 15 minutes (even if you’re a beginning sewer)!

Simple muslin produce bags with apples on peach background.

With so many of us being at home right now, I wanted to share a simple 10-15 minute project that you can make with items you already have in your home. And bonus – it’s a useful project that will replace some of those plastics that typically get used at the grocery store.

On the eco-friendly project front, I’ve been doing what I can this last year to swap out old habits for new eco replacements – like switching to unpaper towels, swapping out our single use plastic bags for cute reusable silicone versions, I’ve even said goodbye to our dish sponges in favor of DIY sisal scrubbers.

None of this happened overnight though. It took some time. And while it’s been a slow process, it’s also been a rewarding one. Which is one of the reasons I wanted to share this reusable produce bag idea today. It’s a really great gateway to making those small, more eco-friendly changes in your home (or in this case, at the store).

AND it’s also a great beginner sewing project, if you’re new to the sewing game. These bags do not need to look perfect. They’re totally utilitarian. So grab you sewing machine and a couple of supplies and click through to get started.

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Cool Puzzle: 18 Puzzles to Pass the Time (That are Really Cool)

Cool puzzles for the win! 

This Metal Puzzle is a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle that is so trippy, it might just be my favorite ever. Great colors too.

At the end of last year, Jeff and I went on a little trip just the two of us for a couple of days and had literally nothing on our agenda. It was awesome. I brought a puzzle and we just sat around doing nothing for a couple of days. Exactly what I needed at the time.

And whenever I think back to that trip, I also think about the puzzle I did. By myself. For hours each day. It was kind of meditative, in a way. And I suspect all of us could use a distraction like that right now? What do you think?!

So, I put together a handful of cool puzzles (for adults – although I’m sure older kids and teenagers would enjoy them too) to pass the time, whenever you have it. 30 minutes here, five minutes there.

Everything is sorted based on how many pieces are in the puzzle: 1000 piece puzzles, 500 piece puzzles, and 100 piece puzzles. So you can find something that fits with the level of time commitment you want to make to one of these.

P.S. See that photo above? That is a puzzle…the whole image! It’s a puzzle of a puzzle (appropriately named meta puzzle). Click through for the link.Read More →

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