Our Bedroom Upgrade with Brooklinen

My favorite bedding is on sale right now! So our bedroom just got an upgrade.

I’ve tried many bedding brands over the years, but there is one that I keep going back to. Because they’re just that good. And it’s Brooklinen.

I have been a fan of Brooklinen a long time now – first tried their sheets in 2016. And right now, Brooklinen is running their biggest sale of the year, so we got some new bedding to spruce things up (got the classic hardcore sheet bundle).

But beyond the bedding, there are many other things to love. Did you know Brooklinen also carries furniture, rugs, decor, gifts, bath related items, etc? Click through for the sale details and a peek into the recent changes we’ve made in our primary bedroom. Including the white oak DIY nightstands I just finished up that I haven’t shared anywhere else yet…
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Closet Makeover: From Cluttered to Cool

It’s a closet makeover! And I promise, it’s not as boring as it sounds.

White wall shelves styled minimally with ceramics and quirky artwork

We all have that closet or two that could really use some help…and maybe even a makeover. In our house, it’s the guest bedroom closet. Probably because it was the least used room in our house, when we moved in. So we just shoved whatever we could in there, and forgot about it for a while.

But slowly, it’s become a space that we actually use. For guests, when they come to visit, obviously. But also for us as a family – nap time for Hayes when we need a change of scenery, tv time when we want to lay down (since we don’t have a tv in our primary bedroom), etc.

And because that closet doesn’t have a door, the cluttered vibe was really starting to get depressing. It was TAKING OVER! That’s how this closet makeover came about. I carved out some time to clean everything out, donate what we didn’t need, brought some larger stuff to storage, and painted the walls and ceiling to match the rest of the room (Chantilly Lace from Benjamin Moore).

With the clean slate,  I was able to bring back in only what we needed in here. Now, the closet feels like a part of the room – with functional storage space AND cute decor type things. It’s a balance.

Click through for all the before and after photos and sources links.

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Upholstered Headboard DIY

Made another DIY headboard! This one is under $100 and takes less than 2 hours to make.

Minimal beachy bedroom with a DIY upholstered headboard and mud cloth pillows

I’ve been seeing lots of minimal upholstered headboards and bed frames lately, but they’re all very pricey. And I can’t seem to even find one outside of a queen or kind size bed. Our guest bed is a full. So I decided to make my own.

Last time I made an upholstered headboard, it was an arch shape. Remember this DIY headboard? But this time, I’m going with a simpler shape, to keep it classic and minimal. And making sure not to skip the step I missed last time that almost had me reupholstering the whole thing.

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Party Favor Idea for Kids: Birdhouse Crafting Kits

A party favor idea (for kids) that your guests will actually love!

Pastel crates with birdhouse crafting kits inside, on a white table.

Never thought I would be sharing party favor ideas here, but when you have a kid, you get into those kind of things. So here we are.

I made birdhouse ‘building’ kits as party favors for Hayes’ construction themed birthday party. And while it was VERY loosely tied to the construction theme, they ended up being a huge hit with the kids (and parents).  I even got a few birdhouse photos after the party from parents that said their kids loved painting and ‘building’ at home.

I could picture these being a super cute favor for a woodland themed birthday party and so many more, so I’m sharing all of my sources and the cost breakdown, in case you’re planning a kid’s birthday party in the future.

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Easy Entertaining Ideas: How to Make a Vegan Charcuterie Board

You don’t have to be vegan to love this vegan charcuterie board!

Fresh farmers market veggies on display on large platter with hummus.

I picked up a bunch of really pretty produce from the farmer’s market the other day. And we were headed to a friend’s house, so I made a veggie platter to bring over, along with a couple different types of hummus. It was easy to make and delicious. But most importantly, which I realized after the fact, it was entirely vegan.

Making this a great dish for parties because anyone can eat them.

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Before and After: Small Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

Challenging myself with a $350 (or less) budget bathroom makeover!

When we moved into this house, our guest bathroom really needed a pick-me-up. Like, from the start! But we left it as is for as long as we could. And spent our money and time on other renovations that were more important for the house at the time – like new flooring, skylights, etc.

More recently though, with those bigger renovation projects complete for now, it hit me that we really needed to do SOMETHING in the guest bathroom. Like ASAP. So, we settled on doing a very small $350 budget refresh, for now, to tide us over until we’re ready for a larger remodel in here. And I’m so glad we did!

Wanna see how it all came together? Click through for the budget breakdown and all the before and after photos.

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My Fave Pots and Pans – That Actually Look Cute too

Why I love Caraway cookware and bakeware.

We are in the middle of a kitchen refresh behind the scenes, so I have pots and pans on my mind. And I wanted to share my favorite cookware (and bakeware) with you because when I was searching for non-toxic pots and pans, I wasn’t sure which ones to choose. They’re an investment and buying online for something like this can feel intimidating.

BUT that’s exactly why I wrote this post. I put together a full review of the pots and pans that we have been using for over two years now. They’re from Caraway. And because I’ve used them MANY times now, I can give you the full (and honest) scoop on whether they’re worth it or not. Hint: They are!

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