Ho, Ho, Ho: Minimal(ish) Holiday Entertaining

This holiday decorating post is in partnership with Bed Bath and Beyond. All opinions are my own.

Dining table closeup with holiday dinner and two glasses of wine

I love holiday entertaining and decorating, probably more than any other time of year. There’s so much excitement, everyone’s generally in a pretty good mood, and there is never a shortage of festive cookies around. What’s not to love?

BUT, while it may be true that I love, love, love Christmas, I’m not really the type to go completely over-the-top with the Christmas decor. Not there’s anything wrong with that. When it comes to decorating for the holidays (or really any time of year), less is definitely more!

So, I partnered with Bed Bath and Beyond to put together a simple holiday tablescape that is festive, but more importantly stress-free. Every single thing I used for creating this minimal modern holiday tablescape came from Bed Bath and Beyond – from the linen table runner and napkins to the marbles plates and drool-worthy gold flatware. One-stop shopping for the holidays?! Yes, please!

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16 of the Coolest (Temporary and Permanent) Wallpapers for Your Home

Wallpaper can quickly become one of those polarizing design decisions that leaves everyone solidly in one camp or the other. There are the big wallpaper fans and then pretty much everyone else.

Abstract blue and white pattern wallpaper in a mid-century inspired room.

(image via Betapet)

Over the years, wallpaper has definitely had it’s ups and downs. For the most part though, it’s been on the rise again for the last few years.

Don’t get me wrong, some of that dated granny drab is still floating around here and there, but there are TONS of amazing prints on the market to add a little eye candy to any room… And I mean any room.

Whether you’re renting, own your home, wanting something permanent, or something temporary until your mood changes, there are plenty of wallpaper options.

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A Fall Refresh for Our Master Bedroom

A modern bedroom that has been decorated for fall with a cozy blanket and rug.

If you follow along on stories, you know that when we moved Hayes’ crib into our room, we had to play musical chairs with our old furniture layout for a while. Then once he started sleeping in his own room (and his crib moved out of ours), we moved all our bedroom furniture back to where it was before.

Phew! Problem solved, right? Unfortunately, not exactly. Even after switching the layout back, it didn’t quite feel right. The room seemed a little cold, especially now that fall was hitting.

And with it getting darker earlier, it felt even more important to create a cozy master bedroom that I literally never want to leave….

I mean I don’t even have to get out of bed to turn the lights on and off. What more could I ask for? I partnered with Signify to upgrade my bedroom lighting with the Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED collection and am sharing my best tips for a fall bedroom refresh.

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Where Have you Bean All My Life? A Super Easy White Bean Soup Recipe

A white bean soup recipe that is oh-so-easy to make and pretty healthy to boot. 

White bean soup in a green pot with lid.

It’s been chilly here lately and I’m 100% using the temperature drop as an excuse to make as many soups as possible. Because on a cold day, there is nothing better than a hot meal. And if that hot meal is easy to make AND doesn’t really even require chewing, it’s a win in my book.

Make this white bean soup recipe for dinner tonight or better yet, make a double batch over the weekend and freeze some for later. You’ll be glad you did on a day when you’re not feeling going through the double of making dinner. Which is pretty much me every night of the week. 

To be honest, I don’t always love spending tons of time in the kitchen, but that’s also one of the reasons why I love this recipe so much. This white bean soup is super quick to make, easy, and yields very, very tasty results. It’d be a great meal to make on a night when you have unexpected guests too, because you probably already have all the ingredients this soup calls for in your pantry. Have I convinced you yet?

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Well, at Least I Dried: A Minimal, Modern Fall Wreath DIY using Dried Grasses + Mushrooms

An asymmetrical fall wreath made of pampas grass, wheat, and palm leaves.

I’ve shared plenty of DIY wreaths over the years, but up until now, they’ve all been winter and holiday related. This year all that is changing though, because I’m very into DIY fall decor. Especially if it means I get to play around with dried grasses and florals.

So, I foraged some pampas grass, broke out my beloved collection of dried palm leaves and tracked down some really pretty dried mushrooms (!!!). All to make these simple, modern fall wreaths that are as far from grandma’s pinecone door wreath as I could get. Not trying to hate on grandma though. She can keep those pinecone wreaths up as long as she likes.

Click through for the full breakdown for making your own modern wreath this fall.

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A Super Easy (and delicious) Pumpkin Muffins Recipe

Pumpkin muffins are quickly becoming my go-to for chilly fall (and winter) days. And I love the fact that this one can easily be turned into vegan pumpkin muffins with just a couple modifications.

Pumpkin muffins with a cream cheese glaze and oats sprinkled on top.

We’re about to hit the time of year where sweets, baked goods, and deserts are pretty much acceptable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And pumpkin recipes are no exception. As soon as the first leaf changes, it’s pumpkin this and pumpkin that: pumpkin bars, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie, etc, etc. Which is great for me because I love pumpkin, although I’m not so much into the psl thing (maybe I could be convinced?).

BUT with all the pumpkin recipes out there already, I wanted to do something that could be sweet OR savory, all at once. So, today I’m sharing a pumpkin oat muffin recipe with a (totally optional) cream cheese glaze. These pumpkin muffins are somewhere between a healthy(ish) treat and a delicious dessert. AND the whole thing…the muffin recipe AND the cream cheese glaze can be modified to a vegan recipe, if you have dietary restrictions. Who wants one?

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Halloween Home Decor: A DIY Way to Update your Mirror for Halloween (That’s Also Removable)

Looking for Halloween home decor ideas that are easy and inexpensive? And of yeah…completely removable when the spookiest holiday of the year is over?! If so, this Halloween DIY has your name all over it!

A DIY idea for Halloween decor with stencils and paints.

This year, I wanted to create some spooky but simple Halloween decor for the entryway. I started thinking about how I could not only do something cute on a budget, but ALSO something that didn’t require me hauling it up to the attic to store for next year after Halloween is over.

After going through a couple ideas, I came up with this spooky mirror Halloween DIY that is easy to recreate, budget-friendly, AND you can use any existing mirror in your house because the design is completely removable!

I teamed up with Martha Stewart Crafts® once again to create this clever Halloween home decor project that can be used on the vanity mirrors in your kid’s bathroom, that entryway mirror that you’ve been meaning to add some holiday fun to, the mirror in your closet…literally any mirror in your home. Want to make your own? Click through for the easy-to-follow tutorial for my DIY Halloween mirror.

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