Clay Strawberries (DIY Ornaments Idea)

Clay strawberries that you can use Christmas ornaments, gift toppers, jewelry, or just cute little figurines.

DIY clay strawberries, all lined up.

Clay strawberries coming at ya! For the last few years, I’ve made a new batch of DIY ornaments and it

After I made the clay mushroom ornaments last year, I decided I would do more clay ornaments this year bit was so much fun. And I wanted to make something that Hayes would like, so I created a TON of clay strawberry ornaments. Strawberries are one of his favorite foods and he calls them ‘hearts’ and it’s really cute.

But you’re here for the ornaments, not the story. So, click through to find out how I made all this strawberry ornaments.

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How to Make Quilted Christmas Stockings

A modern upgrade to Granny’s quilted Christmas stockings. This DIY version feels modern and traditional all at once.

Single quilted Christmas stocking in mustard yellow, lilac, and peach.

Last year, we made these quilted Christmas stockings and I ran out of time to share the tutorial before Christmas. So here they are!

If you’ve been following along on stories, you know that I have entirely to many Christmas stockings. Like, WAY too many, considering there are only three people in our family. But you know what, I like stockings, and I especially like DIY stockings. So here we are!

Let’s make the most of it, with this one. Click through for the quilted Christmas stockings (which you can make from scratch with just a handful of fabrics – no pre-made quilt required.

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(Easy and Cute) Kids Bird Costume for Halloween

A kids bird costume that even the most unexperienced crafter can make. Truly! It’s so easy.

Image of toddler wearing homemade bird costume for Halloween.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure I’d be making any DIY Halloween costumes this year because we don’t have any Halloween plans, for obvious reasons. But one day last week, I realized I had a couple hours free and some scrap fabric from old projects.

So, after asking Hayes what he wanted to be for Halloween, I figured I’d do a homemade costume this year for him. Especially since last year, I ran out of time to make one. The year before I made three baby costumes though, so it kinda balanced out. 

If you’re looking at this thinking you don’t have time to make this costume, I hear you! And maybe you don’t….BUT maybe you do! It took less than two hours to make and you could get that time down even further if you go the no sew route. Which I’ll share in the tutorial.

ALSO, maybe some of you are like, I can make one WAY better than that. And you probably can! Haha. But I thought this one turned out pretty cute.

Anyway, click through to see how I made this DIY bird costume for my toddler.

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38 Modern No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas to Try Before Halloween

No carve pumpkin decorating ideas that are modern, cool, and easy to execute. There are 38 pumpkins designs on the list, so you’re bound to find at least a couple that fit your style. 

Image of no-carve pumpkins using white paint to create quirky pumpkin faces.

Carving pumpkins can be a mess…and maybe even a little dangerous if you’ve never used a carving hand saw. Which is why every Halloween, I search for new no carve pumpkin ideas to try instead of picking up a carving tool. Who’s with me?

Every pumpkin becomes a tiny canvas when you opt for pumpkin designs that don’t involve a knife. Right?! So, it’s no surprise that I gravitate towards Halloween pumpkin ideas that use paint, stencils, stickers, fabric, tissue paper…and well, anything else you can think of (as long as it’s not carved). And because I’m obsessed with no carve pumpkin ideas, I rounded up a whole bunch of my favorites to share: 38 of the most modern, cool looking DIY pumpkins I could find!

Want to take a peek and try some of these pumpkin decorating ideas with me this Halloween?

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Lounge Room Progress (Article Furniture Review)

Reviewing our new Article furniture and sharing the reveal before the reveal. 

Photo of modern, leather sectional sofa on striped rug.

Our back room lounge is almost complete and I wanted to give you a huge sneak peek today. As in, I’m showing you *almost* the entire space – just holding back a few things until next week. 

Before I share the final, final reveal, I wanted to talk to you about all the Article furniture we have in this space because it totally makes the entire room, imo. And because I’ve had several pieces of Article furniture for years and years, that I continually get asked about, I thought you might have some questions about my newest pieces too.

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A Yellow Bathroom I Actually Love (My Renters Bathroom Reveal)

A tiny yellow bathroom! And I’m not describing the ‘before’, I’m describing the ‘after’. Check it out!

Image of a modern, yellow bathroom with striped wallpaper.

If you follow along on stories, you know I’ve been talking about the back house bathroom for a couple of months now. It’s one of those fun projects I’ve wanted to tackle from the get-go.

And today I’m sharing the yellow bathroom reveal! It’s so bright and cheery and a little bit off the beaten path of what I would normally do, which I actually kind of love. It’s nice to change things up with your style sometimes, right?

Click through for the before photos, all the afters, and everything I added (and subtracted) to get this tiny bathroom looking cute.

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How to Make a (Modern) Fall Wreath

A fall wreath that actually looks modern and cool? I’m in!

Image of an asymmetrical fall wreath made of pampas grass, wheat, and palm leaves.

I’ve shared plenty of DIY wreaths over the years, but usually they’re winter and holiday related. Last year, though, I made my first DIY fall wreath and now I’m in love. Especially because it means I get to play around with dried grasses and florals.

I foraged some pampas grass, broke out my beloved collection of dried palm leaves and tracked down some really pretty dried mushrooms (!!!).

All to make these simple, modern fall wreaths that are as far from grandma’s pinecone door wreath as I could get. Not trying to hate on grandma though. She can keep those pinecone wreaths up as long as she likes.

Click through for the full breakdown for making your own modern wreath this fall.

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