Unique Egg Dyeing Idea (with Supplies from the Grocery Store)

A cool egg dyeing hack that I’ve been doing for years.

Blue and green earth tones Easter eggs on white background

Starting with a super simple egg dyeing project that mimics the look of natural egg dyeing with store bought dye. I love the accessibility of those inexpensive ($2 or $3) egg kits you can buy at the grocery store this time of year. But I’m not a huge fan of the super bright, bold colors, for the most part.

So, I came up with a way to use those store kits in a way that feels a little more grown up, color wise, with one simple change. Use brown eggs instead of white. Pretty simple, right? I started doing it back in 2015 and I don’t think I’ve dyed eggs any other way since.

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How to Make Easter Baskets with Just ONE Material in 15 Minutes

Love these homemade Easter baskets, that can be used year after year. They’re affordable and easy-as-can-be to make!

Modern canvas DIY Easter basket with Easter candy and presents inside.

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own Easter baskets, I’m sharing a super simple sewing project today that will help.

My favorite part isn’t the candy inside though, it’s that once the holiday is over, you can reuse these canvas baskets as year-round storage and organization. Not bad for a humble Easter basket. Click through for the full tutorial.

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A Cool, DIY Headboard That Makes a Statement (Half Circle Headboard)

Create an upholstered DIY headboard that makes a statement, for under $200!

Neutral modern bedroom with a half circle headboard and striped neutral bedding.

Have you seen the oversized half circle headboards popping up on home tours and Pinterest lately?

I love the look and I was pretty sure I could DIY my own, so I gave it a try and it turned out (almost) just like I pictured. I’ll explain later. But for now, the details!

Wanna make a half circle DIY headboard? The whole project can be completed in a weekend and costs less than $200 (or even lower in price if you have some of the basic materials already). Similar headboards cost $800-2,000 if you buy them online or in a store. Click through to see how I made it.

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How to Make a DIY Fireplace Hearth

Sharing a DIY fireplace project that completely transformed a non working fireplace for less than $10!

You might remember seeing a glimpse of this project back when I did the reader room makeover. It was one of my favorite projects I completed for the space, and one of those things that I would totally do again, in another home.

It’s very easy to do (with very limited materials) AND extremely budget-friendly. Bonus! It utilizes materials that you can find at most home improvement stores (both Lowes and Home Depot had a variation of the same material I used), so it’s accessible as well.

SO! If you’re looking for a DIY fireplace project, specifically an idea for updating the fireplace hearth, this tutorial is for you. Just keep in mind it’s for non-working fireplaces only.

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DIY Notebooks in 5 Minutes (Two Ways)

DIY notebooks that are cute and easy to make. Plus, it will only take 5 minutes!

Image of DIY notebooks made with cool wallpaper and glue.

I’ve made little DIY notebooks here and there for years. And honestly, it’s resulted in what feels like an infinite number of places to jot down notes or sketch out ideas. BUT for some reason no matter how many I make (or buy for that matter), I can never find the *right* notebook when I need it.

So, here I am making another set of notebooks to stash around the house. I’m building on a notebook tutorial I wrote back in 2016 and adding a second way to make notebooks that is equally fast and cute, IMO.

I wanted to make them really special. If I really love them, maybe I won’t lose them this time?!  So, I made them with wallpaper, but not just any wallpaper… the wallpaper dreams are made of!

Want to make a set of your own? Here’s how to make your own wallpaper notebooks in about 5 minutes.

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Cute Slippers to Keep You Cozy this Winter

Really cute slippers for women, for the cold winter.

Image roundup of women's slippers in various neutral colors.

Is there anything more comforting than a cozy pair of slippers on a cold day? Or maybe just a cozy pair of slippers ANY day, while we all recover from the train wreck that was 2020.

Slippers are like a little blanket for your feet. And I literally wear them EVERY single day now, so I kind of feel a little bit like a slipper expert, at this point. Anyone else wear slippers a lot now?

So, I put together a list of some of the cute slippers I’ve been eyeing. Numbers 1, 2, and 7 are all in my cart right now, but I cannot decide between the three of them.

Bonus! Two-thirds of the slippers on this list are under $60 (and there’s one pair under $30)! Click through to see all 12.

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Cool Calendars and Cute Planners for 2021

A list of cool calendars and cute planners to (fingers crossed) be able to write some things down we’re all planning or looking forward to doing this year. 

Images of cool calendars and cute planners for 2021.

Clearly, last year wasn’t the greatest and who knows what 2021 will bring. BUT I put together a list of cute calendars and planners, just in case. Fingers crossed for a better new year for all of us. 

If this doesn’t sound like something you wanna do, no pressure! But if you’re into it, here’s my list of 2021 calendars and planners that are cool and cute. I just hung number 17 from this list on my wall and am trying to decide on a 2021 planner now, if you wanna help me decide.

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