Announcing 12 Rooms in 12 Months: A Year Long Makeover Series!

Announcing 12 Room in 12 Months! A new year-long series from DIY lifestyle site, Paper and Stitch. #interiors #roommakeover #interiorinspo #blue #office #workspace

Before I say anything else…yes, I realize that we are well into the year already and I’m just now kicking off a new year long series. BUT I needed some extra time on this one because it’s not exactly a small undertaking.

So here’s the deal. Remember last year’s 12 trips in 12 months series? I pledged to take a trip at least once a month for the entire year and documented (most of) the process. And while it seemed like a slightly far-fetched goal at the time, I DID IT! In fact, I far exceeded my goal – traveling to more than 20 cities last year. And I racked up a whole lot of flight points to prove it. I really enjoyed the structure of doing something for an entire year – it helped motivate me during the months that I wasn’t feeling it and reminded me that I asked for this, so I better get off my butt and do it.

So when I started thinking about what I might want to do this year, I knew I wanted to try something different.

I love traveling and still plan to travel throughout the year, but getting on a plane every single month gets a little taxing after a while. SO, I have a brand new series for 2018 that I’m launching today: 12 Rooms in 12 Months!

Yay! I’m so excited. And I hope you will be too. For the rest of 2018, I will be sharing (at least) one new room makeover every single month. Some months the makeover will be BIG and other months it will be smaller (like an entryway makeover, etc). But EVERY month will be something new, complete with before and after photos and the nitty gritty details of how it all came together.

I have a couple things up my sleeve already to help make all this happen, since it’s no small fete to decorate that many spaces in one year’s time. But I’m super excited to get things started and dive into something I really, really enjoy: decorating and makeover stories. To make up for lost time, I have a handful of makeovers coming up that will fill in the gaps for the months that have already past (January and February), and then I’ll be all caught up. So be sure to stay tuned. I’ll be revealing those soon!

So now that I’ve spilled the beans, I need your help! Let me know in the comments below what types of room makeovers you want to see featured here this year. Guest bedroom, bathroom, dining room, front porch, entryway, etc?! There are so many months to fill and so many possibilities for this project, but I want to make sure that I’m creating content that you find the most helpful and interesting. So let me know!

P.S. If you live in the Atlanta area and are in desperate need of a makeover for a room or outdoor space in your own home, feel free to share that below too. I might just be on the lookout for reader spaces to redo!

Top photo: Amelia Lawrence for Paper & Stitch (from my Mollie Makes home feature)

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Laundry room. Everyone comes into my house through my laundry room and I want to make it more presentable.


Buuuuut if you want to team up on one of your rooms AND get a trip in, you can come help me with one of the many spaces left in our house! 😉


Wow! I’m so excited for seethe transformations,Can’t wait

The pink pineapple

I don’t live in your area, but I would personally love to see you do a small NYC apartment (like mine!) – the two rooms would be a bedroom that is also a home office or a living room that is also the dining room!


I’d love to see exterior and garden spaces, as this is what we are working on this year


I’m with Judy…..ideas for a craft/sewing/guest room is a top priority for me this year. And I have a Murphy bed from an old house ready to be put into service so ideas that include a Murphy bed would be fabulous. Storage ideas for books, fabrics, extra sewing machines and sewing paraphernalia as well as crocheting stuff (think too much yarn, lol) plus painting and jewelry making supplies! Ironing board, cutting and sewing table are never put away as they’re used constantly.


Love this idea! I live in Nashville but I have an outdoor space that is in desperate need of a makeover 🙂


Wow! What an ambitious idea! I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with for your projects. I’m in the middle of a makeover series on my blog right now, but I’ve accumulated the projects over several years.

A very popular topic seems to be *affordable* kitchen updates. Also, how to choose colors.

Good luck! Can’t wait to see you in action.


Thanks so much Michelle. I’m really excited to get started.


This is so exciting, I am really looking forward to your style ideas and inspiration!


Thanks Chelsea! And noted on bathroom and office updates!


Wow! This sounds like an awesome project, I can’t wait to see these posts each month. Would love to see bathroom redos and office updates!



Writing all of those down, Kimberly – entryway, living room, and guest bathroom. 🙂


I would love to see an entryway makeover. Plus, I am in desperate need of assistance with my living room and guest bathroom. 🙂


Cool. Thanks for the list Bill. Making note of these.



front porch
back yard patio


Thanks for the suggestions Judy. I’ll write these down. 🙂


I would like to see a craft room/office which can also double as a guest room. Maybe something with a Murphy bed?


Thanks Courtney.


Sounds awesome! I can’t wait for it.

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