5 DIY Ways to Reuse a Wooden Pallet

By Brittni • posted on 02/12/2024

Re-using discarded materials is an easy way to give back to the environment. But sometimes it can be difficult to come up with ways to re-use old products. So, I’ve rounded up five do-it-yourself ways to reuse a wooden pallet for practical storage and furniture for your home.

Read my post for Organic Authority now: 5 Ways to Reuse a Wooden Pallet.

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Oh my gosh, I love that outdoor cushion diy Katie. Thank you for sharing the link. I think I now have a new blog to follow.


i was just reading one of my other favorite blogs this morning and she had this post: http://mycakies.blogspot.com/2011/03/diy-outdoor-benchcushion-of-sorts.html

another awesome use for recycled pallets!


That is awesome Davs. Pallets are hard to come by around here. So, consider yourself lucky. 🙂


Where I live ( a relatively small town in Idaho) there are always places to go where someone is giving away free wooden palettes… and NOW all of a sudden I am super excited about it! Thank you for the this blog! Awesome!:)~Davs


Awesome! Thanks Claudia. Yeah, I am hoping to find a leftover pallet myself to complete a few of these projects.


oh brittni, i just loved this so much!!! i wish i could find one to hang it on the wall… yes, because i have no room for a coffee table and i just ordered my new ikea bed! 😉 wonderful post!! i love these recycling ideas!!! twiggs

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